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31 October 2018

The Class of 2018

The Class of 2018

The last day of Year 12 is always one of mixed emotions for everyone. After the long period of planning and anticipation of the final celebrations, the girls were thrilled to arrive at School for breakfast and the ‘unveiling’ of their striking Wonder Woman costumes. The excitement was, at times, tempered with sadness, as they reminisced about their journey at Ruyton and the realisation that the daily routine and connections with friends and teachers would no longer exist in the same form. One of the most touching displays on the day was when the younger girls joined in with their good wishes and farewells. 

The final day celebrations could not have taken place without considerable hard work from the Year 12 girls’ support network: the creative Year Level Parent Representatives led by Sue Horn, who decorated the Courtyard Café and the Year 12 Wellbeing and Leadership team comprising Ms Anna Boussioutas, Mr Paul Brandner, Ms Maria Di Vitto, Miss Michelle Raatjes, Mrs Judith Whelan and Mr Tiong Hui Yeo, all of whom were fondly acknowledged in Assembly, and the girls’ parents. We are also grateful to Mrs Jenni Musgrove for co-ordinating the Valedictory Dinner at Ormond College. I would like to commend the girls on the positive and inclusive way that they managed their end of year celebrations.

Best wishes to all girls who complete Unit 3/4 examinations over the coming weeks, commencing today. I am confident that their grit, determination and hard work over a long period of time will allow them to achieve their personal best.

Mrs Glenis Gumley
Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School