Learning During COVID-19

Ruyton is committed to supporting our community through the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. While at this stage, we have no reported cases of COVID-19 in the Ruyton community we continue with a proactive response to this unprecedented situation.

Ruyton’s Distance Learning model successfully operated from 19 March (Term 1) until 26 May (Term 2), when we welcomed our students back to face to face learning in a staged approach. Stage 3 restrictions introduced in July saw the School operate under revised conditions with only Early Learning and VCE students on-site for face to face learning.

Ruyton is well positioned to maintain a remote learning and teaching programme. We have a robust and reliable technology infrastructure and our embedded culture of technology-based learning and teaching platforms will support the continuation of effective student learning.

With Stage 4 restrictions introduced in early August the School is operating with all students from Early Learning to Year 12 in our Distance Learning Programme. An on-site supervision programme is available for children of permitted workers and vulnerable children.

The Wednesday Weekly continues to be sent to the School Community during term time and as always, is our major communication tool. Important updates will also be sent by the Principal, Heads of Schools and the Director of Learning as necessary. Updates will be published on this Q & A page.

Linda Douglas



Do I still need to contact the School if diagnosed with COVID-19 or come in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 during distance learning?

Yes, it is essential to inform your Head of School if your daughter or family member has a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis.


Wearing face masks

All staff at on-site at School and students aged 12 and over attending on-site supervision are required to wear a face mask travelling to and from School and whilst at School. 


What are the requirements for my daughter to engage in distance learning?

  • students will require a secure private internet connection rather than public WiFi
  • students will be required to use their electronic device (iPad or MacBook)
  • students/parents must be mindful of privacy and safe ICT usage during some learning experiences that may involve students to upload photos or videos, share thinking and experiences from home, or join an online video conferencing session
  • it is preferable students work in a communal area (eg living room) rather than a private space such as a bedroom, using the virtual background facility in Microsoft Teams online meetings to ensure privacy of their home
  • ensuring the background is clear and free of photos, private documents and siblings
  • students are also expected to wear neat casual dress when collaborating online
  • specific details on the distance learning requirements have been emailed to parents/caregivers.


What if I have IT access problems, can I get support?

For IT related access problems please contact the Ruyton ICT Helpdesk email: helpdesk@ruyton.vic.edu.au


How can parents support their daughters to engage in distance learning?

Parents can access instructions relating to the use of Ruyton's digital platforms via the Ruyton intranet. 

Music Lessons

Individual music lessons will continue at their usual scheduled times via video conferencing. The Ruyton Performing Arts office will send further information via email to parents to confirm the arrangements. Some small ensembles may also rehearse together in a virtual environment. Students will be contacted by the Performing Arts office to schedule these rehearsals. Any queries regarding Music lessons and rehearsals should be directed to the Performing Arts Office performingarts@ruyton.vic.edu.au

Co-curricular Activities

Due to the restrictions, all face to face co-curricular activities are cancelled until further notice and updates will be published in the Wednesday Weekly.


Will the Swim Centre, Swim Squads, Gymnastic Club and Netball Club still operate?

No, these groups will not operate during this time. 


Supervised Distance Learning Programme

We offer Supervised Distance Learning on campus for Ruyton students of permitted workers and vulnerable children.  To register your daughter for inclusion in this programme please email the relevant Head of School. 

Will offsite parent group events still continue? 

All face to face events are cancelled and online parent events will be advised via the Wednesday Weekly or email from the Principal, Heads of Schools, Director of Learning or Director of Wellbeing.