I love Ruyton because it is a friendly and supportive community full of young girls with big dreams and a love of learning. Julia Z

We  aim to make a difference in a girl's education. We are proud of the scholarships on offer at Ruyton. 


Scholarships are available as follows: girls entering the School in Year 5 may apply for an Academic or a Music Scholarship; for those girls entering the School in Year 7, Academic, Music and General Excellence Scholarships are offered; for girls entering Year 9 Academic Scholarships are available (please note only available for new students to Ruyton). Girls are required to sit a Scholarship Examination, generally in February, and short-listed candidates will be required to attend an interview with the Principal.

Scholarships at Ruyton are offered by the Principal, all details are private and confidential and are awarded at the discretion of the Principal.

Please note Ruyton Girls' School has only one scholarship testing date per year. In 2019 this is on Saturday 23 February.

The scholarship examination FOR 2020 will be held on Saturday 23 February 2019. Please note Pre-registration is essential, click on the link below to apply online. The scholarship applications for 2020 enrolment are now open. The scholarship application process is completed online.

Please note applications for scholarships will close Friday 15 February 2019 and will incur a fee of $100. Applications can be accepted until Friday 22 February 2019, however they will incur a late fee.

For further details please email our Registrar Mrs Nadine Hibbert.

Scholarship opportunities may vary from year to year. For additional information relating to Music Scholarship requirements for auditions please click here.

Click here to apply for Scholarships Online

For further details please email our Registrar Mrs Nadine Hibbert.