Distance Learning

Ruyton is committed to supporting our community through the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. While at this stage, we have no reported cases of COVID-19 in the Ruyton community we continue with a proactive response to this unprecedented situation.

The Ruyton Board made the decision in the best interests of our students, families and staff to move to a distance learning programme (including online learning). This ensured we used social distancing in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

School-based learning for Term 1 finished on Wednesday 18 March 2020. A distance learning programme (including online learning) commenced on Thursday 19 March 2020 and continued until the end of Term 1 Thursday 26 March 2020. Friday 27 March was a staff planning day.

In line with Government directives Ruyton will recommence distance learning from the start of Term 2 Thursday 16 April 2020 and will continue for the remainder of Term 2. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, so we can return to face to face learning when the time is appropriate with parents notified in advance by email.

Linda Douglas



How has the transition gone to distance learning?

Ruyton students embraced the transition to distance learning from the end of Term 1 2020.  Feedback from students and parents reflected the gratitude for the effort in creating a considered and engaging distance learning experience. We are proud of the way our staff has adapted, overcome challenges and continued with their commitment to the quality education of our girls.


How will Ruyton communicate updates?

The Wednesday Weekly will continue to be sent to the School Community during term time and as always, is our major communication tool.  Important updates will also be sent by the Principal, Heads of Schools and Director of Learning as necessary. A running log of updates will be available via this Q & A page.


Keeping connected with the Ruyton community

An essential part of the Ruyton culture is its strong and supportive community. As we find ourselves physically isolated during this challenging time, every Ruyton family will be contacted by a member of staff within the first few weeks of Term 2.


Have any staff or students contracted COVID-19?

We have NO confirmed diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in our School community at this time.


How do I know if myself or my child has COVID-19 or just a regular cold?

Ruyton will not provide medical advice but if you or a member of your family has cold or flu like symptoms please contact your medical practice or hospital for advice and diagnosis.  

Do I still need to contact the School if diagnosed or if I come in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19?

Yes, it is essential to inform your Head of School if you, a family member or a contact has had a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 during the distance learning programme.


School arranged travel

Australia’s boarders are now closed and interstate travel is not permitted. The School has cancelled travel arrangements for students and staff for the remainder of the year.

Will offsite parent group events still continue? 

No all Parent and community events have been cancelled during the COVID-19 situation until further notice. 



When can students return to School-based learning at Ruyton?

Ruyton finished School-based learning for Term 1 on Wednesday 18 March 2020 and moved to distance learning from Thursday 19 March 2020.  Classes continued in this format until Thursday 26 March. In line with Government directives Ruyton will recommence distance learning from the start of Term 2 Thursday 16 April 2020 and will continue for the remainder of Term 2. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, so we can return to face to face learning when the time is appropriate. Parents will be advised in advance by email.


How will students continue learning/classes during the move to distance learning?

The distance learning programme includes a range of learning experiences including online learning. Each phase of schooling requires different approaches to provide reasonable and age appropriate learning experiences while students are not at School. Class communication and instruction will be delivered through the current and familiar online learning platforms of our Early Learning, Junior School and Senior School.  Specific details on the expanded use of our online learning platforms for the move to the distance learning programme have been emailed to parents/caregivers. 

Ruyton is well positioned to maintain a remote learning and teaching programme. We have a robust and reliable technology infrastructure and our embedded culture of technology-based learning and teaching platforms will support the continuation of effective student learning.


Will I be able to contact my child's teachers?

Teaching staff will be available to support student learning during the normal School day and will communicate with students and parents regularly. While we have moved to a largely online platform it is important to remember this is not a 24/7 learning environment. 


Supervised distance learning

We offer the option of supervised distance learning on campus for students from Early Learning to Year 12 whose parents work in critical Healthcare, Allied Services or essential services. We realise the importance of offering a supervised programme for Ruyton families. The supervised distance learning programme will follow  COVID-19 Management Procedures including non-invasive daily temperature checks for everyone entering the School grounds. To register your daughter for inclusion in this programme please email the relevant Head of School.


Will distance learning follow my daughter's School timetable?

Students will engage in learning in a timeframe that in most cases mirrors their timetable.


What are the requirements for my child to engage in distance learning?

  • Students will require a secure private internet connection rather than public WiFi
  • Students will be required to use their electronic device (iPad or notebook)
  • Students/parents must be mindful of privacy and safe ICT usage during some learning experiences that may involve students to upload photos or videos, share thinking and experiences from home, or join an online video conferencing session
  • Students should work in a communal area (eg living room) rather than a private space such as a bedroom, ensuring the background is clear and free of photos, private documents and siblings
  • Students are also expected to wear neat casual dress when collaborating online

How can I support my daughter to engage in distance learning?

Parents can access instructions relating to the use of Ruyton's digital platforms via the Ruyton intranet. 

Music Lessons

Individual music lessons will continue at their usual scheduled times via video conferencing. The Ruyton Performing Arts office will send further information via email to parents to confirm the arrangements. Some small ensembles may also rehearse together in a virtual environment. Students will be contacted by the Performing Arts office to schedule these rehearsals. Any queries regarding Music lessons and rehearsals should be directed to the Performing Arts Office performingarts@ruyton.vic.edu.au


What if I have IT access problems, can I get support?

For IT related access problems please contact the Ruyton ICT Helpdesk.    

 email:  helpdesk@ruyton.vic.edu.au


Can students go to the School to retrieve items from their lockers?

Students were notified to bring home required learning materials for the duration of the distance learning programme. As this has now extended into Term 2, the situation may arise where a student requires materials from their locker. Students and parents are not allowed to visit the School during distance learning.  Please contact Head of School to make special arrangements to retrieve items.


Will the Swim Centre, Swim Squads, Gymnastic Club and Netball Club still operate?

 No, these groups will not operate during this time.