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the ruyton reporter

Sustainable Energy at Work

On Thursday 2 June the Year 5 girls departed for Camp Narmbool - a sheep farm. Our teachers thought

it would be a great idea to give us exposure to experts in sustainable energy, which would assist us in our

unit on ‘Energy’. As we meandered through the city and then the countryside, we could appreciate the

striking contrast of these different environments. There was great excitement on the bus as we turned the

corner and saw the sign saying Camp Narmbool. We were given an introductory tour of the camp

and received gaiters, protective gear covering our ankles to avoid the dangers from animals found in the

grassland, and insect bites.

We learnt about solar energy and wind power. We were intrigued by the interesting facts and information

we heard and we realised we would have to make a few modifications to our ‘Eco Island’ projects back

at School. At Narmbool there were dams so that the sheep could survive. During the first day of camp,

we were split into several groups to test the dam water to observe if it was clean enough for the animals,

but such that only tolerant insects were able to survive. The people at Narmbool were very familiar with

sustainability, so we were reminded several times that we had to put our food scraps into the correct bins.

Some of the best moments on camp were: climbing the beautiful escarpment, meeting the charming

barn owl, testing the dam water and playing aboriginal games with all of my friends. We especially

enjoyed spending quality time with many people from other classes. It was a great opportunity to

interact with them and get to know them better. Camp Narmbool was a very beneficial and enjoyable

learning experience.

Juliet Lipchin,


After the Narmbool Fire

Fire seen on the hills

The water was almost gone

People called for help

Tulsi McCallum


The Dam

Muddy and sticky

It turned from deep to shallow

Ruined by the fire

Daria Eimany


The Escarpment

Jagged, mossy, cold

An amazing misty view

High rocks in Narmbool

Jocelyn Chan



A bird of beauty

Flies majestically above.

The owl sees us all.

Georgia Walmsley


Once Alive

Burnt and charred,

You stand alone.

Once alive;

Now dead.

Grass surrounds you,

Blooming with life.

But you don’t grow.

Flames surrounded you,

You couldn’t escape.

Your roots stuck,

In the ground.

Like creeping tigers,

The fires stretched towards you.

Not holding back,

Not stopping.







Now you stand alone;

Once alive;

Now dead.

Louisa Tymms


After the Fire