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spring 2016

The Year 2 Star Sister Programme is a great opportunity

for the Year 2 students to grow and develop their

leadership skills from an early age. In Term 1 our focus is

to build the Year 2 student’s self-esteem and work on

their leadership skills. They identify what type of leader

they want to be and set goals for themselves, which we

reflect upon each term. In Term 2, we have a formal

ceremony to induct the Year 2 leaders. As the leaders of

the Prep-Year 2 community, our Year 2 students take on

various responsibilities. These include running and

initiating our Prep-Year 2 Assemblies and mentoring the

Prep students. The Preps and Year 2s regularly get

together, where the Year 2 students are responsible for

teaching and guiding the younger students in an

activity, which allows them to form a special bond. The

Prep-Year 2 Assemblies are run fortnightly and have a

strong focus on the Ruyton Values. Students across Year

2 take it in turns to lead these Assemblies and work

closely with all teachers in lower primary. The Star Sister

philosophy is to give all Year 2 students the opportunity

to lead and develop a sense of achievement.

Miss Brigitte Hook


Mrs Cait Mullins,

Year 2 teachers

What do we do as Star Sisters?

Charlotte L

‘We teach the Preps and show them how

to do things and share things with them.’

Harriet C

‘In Assembly we got to show our respect for

the environment. We made an iMovie and we got to

meet different teachers at lunchtime, like Mrs Graham,

Ms Bond and Ms Oldfield. It was great fun.’

Zara F

‘In Prep to 2 Assembly we are given a theme by

the teacher and then we have to make the Assembly.

There are always four girls – I had Ava, Isabella and

Audrey and our theme was care. We did mindfulness

activities, and showed care and showed how to colour

the letter C for Care. We read stories too.’

Valentia D

‘I loved making snowflakes because we got

to teach the Preps how to make them and how to cut

shapes out.’

Sophie K

‘You help out in the playground. If a Prep gets

hurt, you look out for them.’

Elizabeth H

‘In Assembly we do mindfulness at the

beginning and read a book. We ask questions about

the book to see if the Preps and Year 1s understand.

Our value was Honesty.’

Lucy T

‘In Assembly we read a book called Twinkle and

it was about Bouncing Back and at the end part

we got to dance.’

Why do you like being a Star Sister?

Ruby B

‘I am proud of doing something and I use Honesty

and I respect the Year 1s.’

Tegan T

‘My favourite part is helping my buddy with

learning what to do and they try and try again so hard

to get it right.’

Sarah O’S

‘I am so proud when I feel I have achieved

something new with the Preps. I also get to know

them all.’

Three Pelicans 3

Ruyton Girls’ School Year 3 Newspaper

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Year 3 students are thrilled to launch

the inaugural Three Pelicans 3 newspaper! The title is inspired by

the original fountain in the Junior School playground, which features

three pelicans. Through this venture, students are learning the art of

preparing and conducting interviews, building their research skills,

writing and editing articles and producing the publication. A school

newspaper, such as this, is the perfect medium to foster responsible

expression, ethical reporting, collaboration of ideas and effective

communication skills. The reporting teams change for each edition

and students need to think carefully about how they will source their

information, then report on their findings. Over the year, our Year 3

journalists-in-training will produce several editions of this publication,

reporting on as many exciting and interesting events and topics

as possible. We can’t wait to share our next edition with the Ruyton



Progress Report: Our New Junior School!

Reporters: Maggie Wu, Riya Mandrawa, Alessandra Klasev, Leija

Michael, Sophie Willmott and Holly Thomas

We have explored the building of the new Ruyton Junior School. In the

following paragraph we will inform you of what we have learned this

term. In the middle of 2015 the School Board met with Ms Ginnane

and Ms Douglas and decided to take the opportunity to partially

demolish the old buildings and create a new and exciting 21st Century

Ruyton Junior School. Construction began in February this year and

is expected to be completed, using bricks and steel, over the summer

school holidays. Students and teachers will move in at the beginning

of the 2017 school year. Ms Douglas explained to us that the weather

over Term 2 has impacted on the expected completion date.

We can watch the building going up from the Derham House

playground, or fromWellington Street outside the gates. We can’t

wait to move in!



Extra Extra … Read All About It

Star Sisters