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the ruyton reporter

To reflect new foci in our curriculum, this year we have created two new Year 6 leadership

teams, the Mindfulness Leadership Team and the Science, Technology, Engineering and

Mathematics (STEM) Leadership Team, in order to provide relevant experience for our girls.


Being part of the brand-new Mindfulness Leadership

Team for 2016 has been a great experience. We were

able to try new things that no one had tried before.

At the start of the semester we brain-stormed and

experimented with many different initiatives we

believed would be beneficial to the Junior School. Some

ideas included conducting a Mindfulness Assembly,

five-minute classroom sessions, creating mindfulness

strategy cards for parents, a mindfulness colouring-in

session and spreading awareness about mindfulness

in the Wednesday Weekly.

We started small and introduced a colouring-in session

for the Preps at lunchtime in the library. We were

worried that none of the Preps would come, but it

was the exact opposite. So many girls showed up that

we didn’t have enough chairs for everyone! As a

result of this, we were inspired to dream even bigger!

We decided we wanted to include the whole Junior

School in some way. At the next Assembly we explained

what mindfulness was and talked about the benefits

of being ‘in the moment’. My team even conducted

a quick exercise with all the girls, teachers and parents.

We followed up with a series of Just a Minute (JAM)

classroom sessions, whereby we carried out a short

mindfulness exercise with all the girls. We also

submitted an article for the Wednesday Weekly

and recommended some useful websites for Ruyton


It has been an honour to be part of this team and to

have had the opportunity to work with Dr Evie Bowtell

to spread awareness about the positive effects and

benefits of practising mindfulness daily. Furthermore,

to be chosen to be part of the very first Mindfulness

Team has been very rewarding. We’ve learnt a lot about

mindfulness this year and have recognised that it

helps to reduce stress, increase our self-awareness and

provides us with a way to handle our thoughts and

feelings. As Year 6 leaders, we have benefitted from

using mindfulness in our everyday lives and we know

that we will definitely use these strategies as we

move on to the Senior School.

Finally, we’re grateful to have had this opportunity to

work with the younger girls and, hopefully, we have

played a significant part in inspiring them to be more

mindful and present.

Tara Minehane

(on behalf of the Year 6 Mindfulness

Leadership Team for Semester 1 2016)


Tara Minehane


Alannah Chau


Priscilla Yang


‘Science is not a boy’s game, it’s not a girl’s game. It’s

everyone’s game. It’s about where we are and where

we’re going.’

Nichelle Nichols, former NASA

Ambassador and actress

Historically, women have been under-represented in

the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and

Mathematics (STEM). Now, more than ever, there is

a greater need to attract and encourage girls to

participate in these fields. In light of this, a new STEM

Leadership Team was announced for Year 6 this year.

It was created to show the Junior School girls that

they can be involved in STEM too. We wanted to

correct any negative perceptions out there about

these fields being areas dominated by boys. By

developing their interests at an early age, the hope is

that more girls will be drawn to STEM and pursue

these subjects in Senior School.

Every week, during Leadership sessions, we met

with Mr Julian Mutton, Digital Learning Mentor and

Deputy Head of the Junior School. Under his

mentorship, we discussed a range of activities we

could organise with the different year levels. There

were just so many possibilities and so little time!

In Semester 1 we used our iPads to create codes to

control cute little robots called Dash and Dot. We

were privileged to spend time in the Prep Classrooms

promoting STEM with the younger girls. We enjoyed

playing Dash and Dot with the girls and helping them

to think of different ways to make the robots move.

They were able to learn about coding and robotics in

a fun and exciting way!

Our team also presented a new segment called Tech

Time in Assembly, whereby we researched and shared

useful tips for using the iPad with the Junior School.

We found interesting educational Apps the girls could

download and use at home, without the need for

wireless access.

It has been an honour to be part of this new Year 6

Leadership Team and to have the opportunity to

share our skills and knowledge with the younger girls.

As a group, we have been inspired, fascinated and

intrigued to learn more and teach others what we

have learnt in our sessions with Mr Mutton. We have

found endless possibilities to incorporate technology,

science and maths into our daily lives, whether it

is sharing with our family and friends all the

interesting and innovative things we have discovered

from our STEMmeetings, or taking home the robots

to play with!

We wish to thank Mr Mutton and the Year 6

Classroom teachers for their support and guidance

this year. We hope that the Year 6 girls next year

will express interest in being part of this amazing

Leadership team. Our hope, also, is that Ruyton girls

will genuinely be interested in pursuing these career

paths in the future.

‘Every girl deserves to take part in creating

technology that will change the world and change

who runs it.’

Malala Yousafzai, co-winner of the

2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

Scarlet Gregory, Charlotte Muir, Jessie Toh

Co-Captains of the 2016 STEM Leadership Team

New Leadership Teams