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spring 2016

From the ORA President

Dear Ruyton Community,

I am delighted to present the President’s Report in

this Spring Edition of the Ruyton Reporter. The activities

and events organised by the Old Ruytonians

Association (ORA) mentioned in my report illustrate

the work being undertaken by the ORA to facilitate

the renewal of old friendships and build a stronger

network of Old Ruytonians.


In April, a group of ORA members and their family and

friends visited the Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei

exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Prior to

the tour, attendees met for a drink before exploring

the international exhibition together.

If you are interested in becoming involved in or

assisting with the co-ordination of ORA events relating

to the arts, please contact Natasha Anderson at



In May a group of ORA members who came from all

over Victoria attended a matinee performance of the

world’s best-loved musical,

The Sound of Music.


spending the interval together for drinks and ice cream

in a private room, attendees were treated to an

exclusive ORA only behind-the-scenes tour with an

opportunity to meet two cast members after the

performance. Cast members Jacqueline Dark (Mother

Abbess) and David James (Max Detweiler) met the

group and gave attendees an insight into the show



In July the ORA invited David Nyuol Vincent, author of

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Die,

to present at our annual

Meet the Author speaker series. David’s book recounts

his inspirational story as a Sudanese refugee and

eventual immigration to Australia, where be obtained

a humanitarian visa. As a child, David walked for three

months across Sudan and the Sahara Desert into

Ethiopia with his father in search of a better life after

civil war broke out in his village, Wau. He was trained

as a child-soldier and spent 17 years in refugee camps.

Since settling in Melbourne in 2004 David has

completed a Bachelor degree, has pursued his passion to

support refugees via extensive community work, and is

a UN Ambassador for the peace process in South Sudan.

He also works closely with Peace Palette, a non-

governmental community organisation that advocates

for a resilient, harmonious community free of conflict in

South Sudan. Fifty percent of proceeds raised on the

night were donated to Peace Palette.


After launching the ORA Professional Development

Programme in February earlier this year, the ORA held

the second event in a series facilitated by external

consulting firm Kru Consulting. The Programme

provides members with the opportunity to network

with other Old Ruytonians and aims to support Old Girls

in their personal and professional development.

The second career-enhancing event held in August

explored the importance of networking and provided

attendees with opportunity to develop their networking

skills. The practical and hands-on session provided

participants with the tools to diagnose and evaluate

their own network and to create one which was more

potent and valuable. The conversation held amongst

the group was candid, meaningful and impactful.

Participants highlighted the value of normalising

experiences in a unique, safe and friendly environment,

where everyone was connected through the joint

experience of being an Old Ruytonian.

For regular updates about the ORA please follow

our Facebook page

and LinkedIn group

If you have any queries relating to the ORA or would

like to register for any of our events please contact

Natasha Anderson at

Ms Sarah Blyth

(’07), President of the Old

Ruytonians’ Association


Row 5:

Cassie Grieves (Sarah Chew ’88),Aimee

Henderson (Tracy Sinner ’91),Lucy Richardson (Sally

Driscoll ’90),Sarah Goucher (Cathryn Spratling ’84),

Bridie O’Callaghan (Kerry Godson ’87),Samantha

Bendall (Jacqui Patterson ’85), Issy Fry (Stephanie

Backhouse ’88),Sophie MacIsaac (Katie McNeil ’84),

Victoria Magoutis (Kathy Alysandratos ’88)

Row 4:

Pippa Angliss (Millie McLeish ’89),Alicia Jones

(Susan Hagger ’80),Eliza & Sophia Marsh (Serena

Dougall ’83),Saffrey & Phoebe Brown (Anna Long

’88),Charli Kerr (Fiona Cowie ’97),Amber Barry (Lisa

Logan ’91),Lucy Laird (Libby Law ’90),Zoe

Boussioutas (Claire Ferguson ’85)

Row 3:

Justine & Matilda Cook (Susie Jarman ’80),

Jessica & Eliza Lamb (Melissa Flanders ’85),Emily

Johnson (Caroline Candy ’89),HannahWilson (Nikki

McClure),Emily & Holly Murray (Fiona Mardling ’86)

Row 2:

Teresa & Isabel Caligiuri (ElisaTrotta ’98),

Matilda Ancarola (Julia Goodsall ’84),Charlotte &

Lucy Gillon (Georgina Candy ’92),Phoebe Johnson

(Caroline Candy ’89),MiaWilson (Nikki McClure ’86),

Konstantina Kafasis (Christina Dardalis ’01),Amelia

Osmond (Fiona Griffiths ’87)

Row 1:

Sarina Hughes (Emma Hughes ’96),Olivia

Michelini (Julia Goodsall ’84),Mia Power (Fiona

Sidwell ’96),Millicent Gillon (Georgina Candy ’92),

Harriet Charlesworth (Bridget Langley ’91),Olivia

Thompson (Simone McClure ’89),Alexia Kafasis

(Christina Dardalis ’01)

Old Ruytonians’ Association