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the ruyton reporter

Mr A & Mrs M Abeysekera

The Adgemis Family

The Allibon Family

The Alysandratos Family

Mrs J Andrews nee Darby (’57)

Mr J & Mrs M Andronis

The Ansell Family

The Aquino Family

Arnhem Investment Management Pty Ltd

Ms A Badger

Ms D Baggiere

The Band Family

The Bao Family

The Bassed Family

The Bate Family

The Bateman Family

The Bedelis Family

The Bell Family

Mrs A Bendix nee Capper (’42)

The Billings Family

Mr N & Mrs A Blackburne

The Boyd Family

Mr G & Mrs C Brown

Mr M & Mrs J Browning

Mrs B Burke (Hardie) (’70)

The Caligiuri Family

The Carbone Family

The Chan Family

The Chapman Family

The Cheah Family

The Chee Lin Family

Ms L Chen

Mr W& Mrs X Chen

The Chen Family

The Chen Family

The Chen Family

The Chen Family

The Clarke Family

Mrs M Clarke nee Menzies (’57)

The Cleeve Family

Mrs F Coldwell nee Summons (’90)

The Collins Family

CompliSpace Pty Ltd

The Cran Family

Mrs F Crosby

The Currie Family

Mr D & Mrs L Curry

The Curry Family

The Danks Family

Mrs P Davidson nee Hutchinson (’66)

The Davison Family

The De Bortoli Family

The De Cruz Family

Ms S Dean (’70)

Mr D & Dr M Dellaportas

The Denovan Family

Mr S & Mrs C Dick

The Dontschuk Family

Mr C & Mrs A Doufas

The Dougall Harold Family

Ms L Douglas & Mr T Guglielmo

Driver Bus Lines

The Dumbrell Family

Mr D & Mrs R Evans

The Fallscheer Family

The Fitzgibbon Family

The Fox Family

The Frith Family

Mr M & Mrs S Fryer

Mr R Gannon & Ms A Helps

The Gillam Family

The Greenwood Family

The Griffith Family

The Griffiths Osmond Family

Mr A Grollo

Mr D Hall & Ms S Sloan

The Ham Family

Mr B & Mrs K Harrison

The Hartin Family

Mr D He & Mrs X Zhou

Mrs H Henderson nee Mezies (’46)

The Hepworth Family

The Hickey Family

The Hogg Family

The Hopwood Family

The Hu Family

The Huang Family

Mr Hui Ming & Mrs Feng Li

Hunter Industrials

The Issa Family

Dr T Jacques (’74)

Mrs S James nee Mason (’64)

The Janes Family

The Jayaswal Cooper Family

The Jiang Family

Mrs P Jin

The Kanat Family

The Kanterakis Family

Dr C & Mrs P Karopoulos

Dr I Kaschner & Dr P Howe

The Keily Family

The Kelly Family

The Kelly Family

The Kenyon Family

The Kerr Family

Kilwinning Nominees Pty Ltd

The Kimber Family

Mrs H & Dr J King

The Kleeman Family

The Kleiman Family

The Kotsos Family

The Lee Family

The Leong Family

The Lew Family

The Li Family

The Li Family

The Li Family

Mr F Lin & Ms T Rudometova

The Lin Family

The Lipchin Family

The Liu Family

The Lowe Family

The Luo Family

The Luu Family

The Magdich Famly

The Magoutis Family

The Maher Family

The Malamas Family

The McCombe Pettigrew Family

The McGrath Family

The McGregor Family

Mr S McLeay & Ms W Schrader

The McPhail Family

The McRae Family

The Meehan Family

The Meeuw Family

The Melton Family

The Menyen Family

Mrs N Morton nee Miles (’49)

The Moten Family

Dr A Moulden OAM (’76)

The Mullins Family

The Murray Family

The Neoh Famiy

The Ng Family

The O’Brien Family

The Odman Family

The Old Ruytonians’ Association

Mrs K and Mr A Panagopoulos

The Parents of Ruyton

The Park Family

Ms T Peters

Mr B & Mrs F Power

The Preston Family

Mr C & Dr M Price

The Price Malcolm Family

Mr L Rabinowicz & Ms D Perelsztejn

The Richards Family

The Rigg Family

Mrs S Robertson nee Wines (’62)

Mr T & Mrs N Rule

The Samouris Family

Mr A & Mrs S Sando

The Schonfeldt Family

The Schuller Family

Mr D & Mrs R Schultz

The Schwartz Family

The Siamos Family

Mr K Skoullos & Mrs MMoutsidis

Mr E Smith & Ms C Fan

Mrs L & Mr M Smith

The Starkins Family

The Sullivan Family

The Sun Family

Mr B Sutherland & Ms S King

Mr R and Mrs S Sutherland

The Tan Family

Mr P & Mrs P Taubman

Mrs B Taylor

The Tee-Wu Family

The Timm Family

Dr H Toh & Dr T Horng

The Tooby Family

The Toor Family

Ms S Tossoun & Mr N Calil

The Trahar Family

The Tran Family

The Traverso Family

The Tripodi Family

The Trivett Family

The Trotta Family

The Truong Family

Mr E & Mrs D Tselios

The Tucker Family

Mr G & Mrs D Tymms

The van Gerrevink Family

The van Haandel Family

The Verrocchi Family

The Verrocchi Family

The Vinecombe Family

The Walmsley Family

Mr J Wang & Mrs L Liu

Ms J Wang

Mr T & Mrs F Warner

Mrs P Waters nee Menzies (’51)

Ms K Watt

The Weeraman Family

Mrs N Wellington-Iser and Mr D Iser

The Willis Family

The Wilmshurst Family

The Wilson Family

Wolf Interactive

The Woolrich Family

The Woolston Family

The Wotherspoon Family

The Wu Family

Mrs J Wu

Mr MWu & Ms W Huang

Mrs R Xie

Mr X Xu & Mrs WWu

The Xu Family

Mr J Yang & Ms Q Pan

Mr Y Yang

The Yang Family

The Ye Family

The Ye Family

Ms F Yucel & Mr D Sylva

Mr P & Mrs I Zaparas

The Zervos Family

The Zhang Family

The Zhao Family

The Zimmerman Family

The Zhao Family

Anonymous x 89


Giving to fulfil her dreams …

Our Annual Giving is an opportunity within the Ruyton community to demonstrate

our strong commitment to our girls and show how we value a Ruyton education.

Every gift of every size makes a positive impact on our learning community, enabling

girls to have the facilities, opportunities and engaging environments to help fulfil their

personal potential.

This year $51,785.55 was raised through Annual Giving and has been directed to:

Ruyton Scholarships, the Collaborative Learning space in the Junior School, and

the Collaborative Learning space for Years 9-10.

Members of our community choose to make gifts to support Ruyton in a variety of

ways. We are most grateful to all donors who have given in the previous financial year

to Scholarships and Collaborative Learning spaces in the Junior and Senior Schools

through Annual Giving, fulfilling Margaret McRae Centre pledges, donations to Henty

Rowing via the Australian Sports Foundation, Voluntary Building Fund contributions

and Heritage Leaf Donations. In this way we invest in Ruyton girls for this generation

and for generations to come.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the generosity of all members of the

community: current and past families, past students, current and past staff, and

our suppliers.