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spring 2016

Hands onWorkshops

Scientist in Schools Workshop

In Semester 1 the students in Year 9/10 Psychology had the opportunity to work with

a Forensic Scientist through the Scientist in Schools programme. The programme

works to bring scientists into the classroom and make real world connections with the

students’ learning. One of the scientist we are in partnership with is Stephanie Oliver.

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science in physics from the University of Melbourne and

has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Forensic Science (crime scene examination).

In the session the girls explored a crime scene scenario and learnt about the use of

blood splatter analysis within criminology. After working through the scenario the girls

were involved in a hands on activity to examine blood splatter patterns and determine

blood splatter trajectory.

Ms Jacinta Greer,

Psychology and Science teacher

A Blood Splatter!

Throughout the length of Semester 1, Ms Greer’s Year 9/10 Psychology class was

captivated by the vast diversity and complexity of the fields that reside within

Psychology, as we explored the study of behaviour and the mind. The field that most

intrigued us was Forensic Psychology, which involves applying psychological concepts

to a court of law. Due to popular crime television shows, such as

CSI: Crime Scene


an exaggerated portrayal of forensic science has influenced many false

public preconceptions, known as the CSI Effect. The Scientist in Schools Programme

allowed the class to relate theories taught in the classroom to real world connections.

Partnering with Forensic Scientist Stephanie Oliver, we were exposed to the genuine

work of crime scene analysis, through scenarios and blood splatter evaluation within

criminology. With her experience and expertise Stephanie was able to provide insight

and greatly assisted us in outlining the necessary pathways into a career in Forensic

Psychology. Only so much can be learnt through our eyes and ears, so the Year 9/10

girls participated in a hands-on activity, which involved examining blood spatter

patterns and used specific calculations to determine an impact trajectory. The

opportunity the Scientist in Schools programme provides for students to experience

realistic field practice, creates a more thorough comprehension of the researched field

of psychology, significantly assisting in later studies and examinations.

Hayley Do,

Year 9

Principal’s Interview by Year 12

The VCE 3/4 Business Management classes were delighted to welcome Ms Linda Douglas as a special guest earlier

in the year. The students were investigating Area of Study 2: Internal Environment of Large Scale Organisations and

discussed the key management roles of Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling. Business Management

becomes more realistic when students make connections between theory and practice. The opportunity to hear

fromMs Douglas in her capacity as Principal provided the students with a compelling insight into the demands

of leading an independent school. A central theme of Ms Douglas’ talk was the notion of responsibility. Whilst

Ruyton has a Board, which sets the direction for the School, the Principal is the person presenting as the public face

of the School.

‘… to be able to listen to the thoughts of a leader and manager from our own environment at Ruyton provided

the students with a valuable and unique perspective. The students and I were very grateful that Ms Douglas was

so generous with her time … especially since we can appreciate how valuable it is.’

Mr Chris Moloney,

VCE Business Management teacher



our Principal do?

Having Ms Douglas attend our Business

Management class benefitted us, as we were able

to hear from an actual leader about her role and

the responsibilities required in this position.

Ms Douglas was very willing to engage with the

class and Mr Moloney, answering all our questions

frankly, on topics relating to business

management, as well as outlining her past

sporting achievements.

As a class we would like to thank Ms Douglas for

taking time out of her busy schedule to discuss her

role openly with us and, as a result, enable us to

further our knowledge about management styles

and management roles.

Ellie Koulis,

Year 12