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From our Girls’ Perspective

Community Service

Community Service has been a corner-stone of what we do at Ruyton, reflecting

the values and compassion we strive to emulate. Senior School Community Service

Co-ordinator, Mrs Nicole Barrah, supports the work of the Community Service

committee, ably run by Year 12 Captain

Grace Zimmerman.

The concept of giving back to the community not only helps those in need, but also

provides volunteers with a sense of awareness and gratitude for their own privileges

in life. The programmes put in place by Ruyton promote and support community

service initiatives, in order to contribute positively to the area in which we live.

The creation of a Community Service Committee within the School, comprised of four

girls from each year level, supports girls who are passionate about and interested in,

this area, allowing them to organise events and initiatives to support and contribute

to worthy causes. Initiatives this year have included the Salvation Army’s Red Shield

Appeal, where girls were encouraged to collect donations for the Salvation Army

by a local door-knock on a Sunday morning. Girls across the School willingly gave of

their time to ensure that this appeal was a success. Another important event was

the Community Service Day in Term 1. We chose to support Refugees, Survivors and

Ex-Detainees (RISE). This is an organisation focused on supporting refugees in the

Melbourne community. Girls from each year level donated food items, as well as

raising money to be donated to the cause. We managed to raise over $2500, and

accumulated plenty of food boxes to donate to RISE. RISE is the first and only refugee

and asylum seeker welfare and advocacy organisation in Australia entirely governed

by refugees, asylum seekers, and ex-detainees. By taking such steps not only are we

promoting the plight of those less-fortunate, but also we can serve our community

in a meaningful way. In Term 3 over 100 girls participated in the Girls’ Night In,


High Street Musical.

Over $1400 was raised, with all proceeds going towards

UN Women’s Market for Change programme, which seeks to enhance the capabilities

of women in developing countries.

Ruyton is known for its connected and generous community. There are many ways in which

our girls engage in social justice.Whether it is in community service, sustainability, learning

about human rights or performing in a production to support indigenous education, our girls

have demonstrated compassion and the ability to make a difference.


Sustainability at Ruyton is well-established and

thriving. Senior School Sustainability Co-ordinator,

Ms Jacinta Greer, works closely with Sustainability

Captain, Kathleen Hanson, and the team to work

together to help the School make a real difference to

the environment. Year 12 student,

Rachel Baillie,


about her experience as a member of this team.

As this is my last year at Ruyton I decided it was

time to try something new. Kathleen Hanson, the

Sustainability Captain, invited me to join the

Sustainability committee, and being part of the team

has opened my eyes to some of the environmental problems

plaguing both our community and the wider world. The Students for

Sustainability team allows girls of all ages to work together and be part of several

unique programmes. One such example of our beyond School activities was our

involvement in Clean Up Australia Day. A group of girls, one Trinity boy and Ms Greer

met at Studley Park Boathouse for Clean Up Australia Day. We walked around Yarra

Boulevard and Dights Falls collecting any paper scraps, bottles and miscellaneous

rubbish we stumbled upon. Kathleen provided great leadership and conversation,

as we tallied up a points system of who collected the most rubbish. Despite the heat

and long walk, the trip was very fulfilling. Another important event, in partnership

with the Friends of Back Creek in Camberwell, is National Tree Planting Day. This is

a rewarding opportunity as the team returns to the site annually, and can see the

impact that has been made by previous plantings.

The Sustainability Team has also made

a great impact at Ruyton by getting the

School involved in environmental

projects such as World Environment

Day; we sold quirky tote bags to send

out a sustainability message about

not using plastic bags; we encouraged

the use of reusable water bottles to

promote the message of not using

disposable bottles, which pollute our

environment; we distribute recycling

bins to each classroom, place posters

around the School reminding people to

turn off the lights, collect used batteries

so they do not end up in landfill and

establish worm farms. Sustainability in

the Senior School brings together girls

from Year 7 to Year 12, as we work

together to help out our planet. United,

we can all make a difference.