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spring 2015

Happy Baby News!

Congratulations to Ms Karina Buttler,

Director of Early Learning, and husband

Mick, on the safe arrival of Thomas Brian

Graham in July. Both Karina and Thomas

are doing well.

Green Thumbs

Greening Early Learning

In the previous semester our children in Early Learning have enjoyed

looking at nature and exploring the natural world. As young scientists

they have been developing their sense of investigation, as they learn

more about the environment. They have become more sustainable as

they understand the importance of looking after our planet. And they

have become explorers, as they forage in the foliage for bugs and creepy

crawlies, valuing the beauty and wonder of nature. The outdoor areas

at Early Learning and within the school community have provided the

children with opportunities to make their own discoveries. For instance,

upturning a leaf to find a bug, or planting a seed to watch it grow into

a seedling, hold interest and much learning for curious and adventurous

minds. The children are repeatedly thrilled by their own discoveries.

They find answers to their own questions and develop the ability to look

at things in another way by doing things themselves. In Girls’ Pre Prep

Miss Bertram began a gardening project, following on from an initial

interest in seeds and how plants grow. She read

The Curious Garden


Peter Brown to the girls and this prompted discussion about gardening

and how a garden might be developed in the playroom. The girls created

a tree, featuring paper bark and felt leaves. This interest in gardening

spread to other children in Early Learning with some of them cleaning up

garden beds outdoors.

Mrs Teresa Wojcik,

Acting Director of Early Learning

Farewell to Miss Grace Doutch

Grace began her journey at ‘Little Ruyton’, as it was affectionately

called at the time, in January 2003. Leading the Girls’ Pre Prep as a

teacher in Little Ruyton’s previous premises in Wellington Street, over

her 12 years many of our young children benefitted from Grace’s caring

and creative teaching style. Grace was passionate about the Reggio

Emilia programme and it was not uncommon to walk into the

playroom and find Grace seated on the floor, surrounded by children,

immersed in the latest creative project – usually with a large amount

of paint and paint brushes! Grace also had a love of music and the

performing arts, and her children enjoyed many performances

involving acting, dancing and singing, all accompanied by spectacular

costumes. Families valued Grace’s expertise in personalised learning,

as she sought to realise a child’s full potential. She had a particular

ability to

‘look outside the box’

when planning activities for the

children. She saw them as capable and creative learners, and provided

a wide array of stimulating materials with which they could model and

fashion their masterpieces. We are grateful to Grace for her valuable

contribution to the Ruyton community and wish her well in the next

stage of her personal journey.

Ms Karina Buttler,

Director of Early Learning (maternity leave from Term 3 2015)