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spring 2015

Community Matters

Build your own Prospectus

In an exciting initiative the Development Office has been working

on a project called Build your own Prospectus. As far as we are

aware, we will be one of the first schools in Australia to use this

tool, whereby parents interested in specific areas of the School

can put together their own prospectus online. For instance, if you

are thinking of enrolling your daughter in Year 5 and she is

passionate about music you can select this specific area, without

acquiring superfluous information. Or if your daughter is coming

into Year 7 and loves sport and drama, you will be able to build your

prospectus using just these specific areas.We think it will make

the information parents select much more targeted. This project

will be launched in Term 4. Visit our website today www.ruyton.vic. and have a look at Build Your Own Prospectus to see what

you think.

The School’s Registrar, Mrs Nadine Hibbert, runs our ‘front of house’

area and she is the first port of call for all enrolments. She looks

after our Open Days and Principal’s Conversations and conducts

tours of the School. She can be contacted on 03 9819 2422 or

or go to

enrolments/enrol for information about enrolments.

Board Changes

The Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Mr Andrew Smith in May this year

after almost seven years of service as a Board member. As Vice President

(Engagement) of Swinburne University, Andrew’s educational knowledge and

expertise has enriched the governance and strategic thinking of the School. On behalf

of the Ruyton community we thank Andrew for his time, energy and expertise as

a Board member and congratulate him on his appointment as National President of

the YMCA.

Each Board member brings a unique set of skills and experience to the Board. With

Andrew’s departure the Nominations Committee undertook to recruit an experienced

educator with expertise in contemporary educational research, policy and practice;

maintaining the balance and breadth of key skill sets and perspectives.

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Margery Evans to the Board,

effective from October 2015. Margery is an experienced educator and has held

significant government educational leadership roles in Victoria, South Australia and

Western Australia. Since 2010 she has been the Chief Executive Officer of the

Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). In this role Margery is

responsible for leading a peak national agency to achieve significant educational

reform in teaching and school leadership, in order to improve student performance.

I look forward to Margery’s valuable contribution to Ruyton and to welcoming her

to our community.

Ms Kathryn Watt,

President of the Board