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Ms Linda Douglas with Senior girls



Ms Linda Douglas with School Captains 2015

right:Ms Linda Douglas with Junior girls

on our cover:Girls in Kakadu – see page 12

From the Study

‘The greatest efforts usually involve the greatest rewards.’

Mr Darren Saunder,

Director of Outdoor Education, highlights this statement when reflecting on the

efforts of the Year 11 students and staff who took part in our inaugural Kakadu trip

in August of this year. This group certainly demonstrated that attitude,

commitment, co-operation and positivity count. So often we find this is the case

with Ruyton girls, as they approach new challenges with optimism and

determination, making the most of the support offered by our community. I was

speaking with one of our Year 11 girls at the Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) Track and Field

Championships, when she commented on how she felt privileged to be a member

of the team. She said that she found such inspiration in the talent, determination

and commitment of her teammates. Her admiration and respect for her peers was

obvious, as was her personal dedication to the journey of improvement both for the

team and for herself.

This echoes the well-known words, first attributed to Aristotle. ‘

The whole is more

than the sum of its parts.’

In action we see this clearly in the acronym TEAM:








ore. Already this year our girls have demonstrated this

in many ways through their co-curricular involvement. High-quality drama and

music performances across the Junior School and Senior School have been a

highlight, with a Year 7/8 Production being introduced this year and Ruyton taking

part in the Generations in Jazz event for the first time. Once again the Ruyton/

Trinity Musical was an absolute stand out, showcasing the remarkable talents of our

drama students and musicians, as well as the strength of our back stage support.

Our Junior School and Senior School girls have continued to do us proud on the

sporting field. After the elation of Term 1 with our first-ever national victory for

rowing and two significant victories in the Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta, the girls

have continued to achieve their best in many endeavours. Our Junior School girls

have run House Cross Country for the first time and were victorious in SYDSA

athletics, while in Senior School we have shown great strength in the GSV

competition finishing 1st in Cross Country, 2nd in Swimming and 3rd in Track and

Field. Our Under 18 Cross Country team also placed 3rd overall in the National Cross

Country Championship.

In the academic arena our girls have also achieved amazing results. In June we

learnt that the following Ruyton students were awarded Premier’s VCE Awards in

recognition of their 2014 academic achievements: Laura Aldous (Year 12, 2015) –

Drama, Joanna Cookson (Year 12, 2014) – History, (Revolutions), Ann Du (Year 12,

2014) – Economics, Gillian Lim (Year 12, 2014) – Art and Lauren Sibree (Year 12, 2014)

– English. As a community we congratulate these young women on their

outstanding achievement and recognition. It is a significant honour to be

recognised as a top achiever in the VCE. Individual Graded Assessment scores are

used to determine the order of merit and identify the best students. Students

must have a study score of 46 or above to be eligible for the award. In addition, four

2014 Ruyton Graduates were acknowledged for their outstanding work during the

2014 school year as recipients of the Australian Student Prize. These awards are

administered by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training

and recognise national academic excellence and achievement of students in their

senior secondary years. The prize is awarded to the country’s top 500 senior

secondary students. The Ruyton community congratulates Alice Adams, Joanna

Cookson, Gillian Lim, and Lauren Sibree on their excellence and outstanding

achievement. My sincere thanks are extended to all the staff and families who

provided the class of 2014 with the support and guidance to achieve their best, not

only in their VCE, but in all their years here at Ruyton. We will watch them

forge their own pathways in life with great interest as they each leave their mark

on the world.

Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed meeting with girls from Junior and Senior

School to hear from them how they learn best, and how different spaces support

this learning. These conversations have been rich and rewarding. I have shared the

content with those members of staff who are responsible for leading learning,

as they develop flexible learning opportunities in the new Margaret McRae Centre

to encourage and promote connection, communication, creativity and

personalised learning.

Our girls have talked about how they value engagement, collaboration and

innovation in learning. They have acknowledged the obvious passion of a teacher

for a subject, and how this inspires and engages them. They have highlighted the

importance of seeing the relevance of learning; the need for everyone to experience

different approaches to learning and how teachers meet the needs of each girl and

recognise individual effort and achievement. Importantly, none of these girls saw

learning as confined to the classroom. They saw learning happening everywhere;

in all areas of the school both inside and outside, at home and even waiting for the

tram. They were very excited about the way in which the new building introduced

a flow of formal and informal learning areas, spaces for girls to work collaboratively

out of lesson time, spaces for staff and students to work together, and spaces for

different sized groups to learn.

These conversations have demonstrated clearly how much our girls value their

education and how tuned-in they are to the importance of collaboration and

connection to achieve lifelong learning. More importantly, they have provided

a central focus for our leaders of learning to embrace as we continue to develop

best practice learning and teaching.

At a Senior School Assembly in Term 3 one of our Year 11 girls described the Ruyton

community as

‘the proud clan at the top of Glenferrie’,

defining clan as a close knit

group of families; a group of people with a strong common interest. She clearly

identified the spirit of Ruyton, which we see time and time again in our community.

It is evident in our girls and staff working together in learning and co-curricular

activities; in girls advocating passionately for others and taking action to make a

difference; in girls taking risks in their learning; and in parents working together to

support our productions, carnivals, regattas, and many events across the school

community. It is our shared purpose, connection and our strong sense of belonging

that unites our clan and inspires our girls to be the very best they are capable of.

The culture of Ruyton is one which engages and inspires our girls. It is a culture they

are attracted to and continue to perpetuate. I believe the underlying influence in

our community is that we all believe in girls. We believe in them and empower

them, encourage and support them, champion and applaud them. And that is why

we, the Ruyton clan, together achieve more.

Ms Linda Douglas,