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spring 2015





It is with great sadness that the Ruyton community

notes the passing of the following Old Ruytonians:

Janifer Harkin

(Bristow ‘56) passed away in March 2015.

Jan began her 13 years of school at ‘Little Ruyton’ in

Normanby Road under Miss Newman. Miss Hilda Daniell

became headmistress before Jan’s first year at ‘Big

Ruyton’ was completed. She sat her matriculation

exams in the showgrounds dog pavilion, as this was the

only available space during the 1956 Olympics! Jan

worked at the Public Library with Erica Lamparter (’56)

until her marriage to Trinity Grammarian, Charles Harkin

(’53) in 1960, as the Public Service did not employ

married women at this time. Jan remained an active

supporter of both Ruyton and Trinity. She is survived by

her husband, Charles, daughter Sallie McCleery (Harkin

’79), son David (Trinity ’81) and grandchildren.

Janice (Jan) Manley

(Moulds ’55)

Jan started at Little Ruyton when she was five years old

and went right through to Senior School. When she left,

Jan became a dental nurse, topping the year in her final

exams. She met Brian, a dentist, and they married in

1959, going on to have three children. They retired to

Point Lonsdale and lived there for the last 20 years of

Jan’s life. Jan was a very good artist and enjoyed

painting around Point Lonsdale. Jan died suddenly in

April of this year.

Elaine H Harms

(McAlpin ’52)

Dorothy Williams,

(MacGruer ’32) attended Ruyton

between 1929 and 1932. She was the older sister of

Pauline (Peggy) Bunting

(MacGruer ’36), also an Old Girl.

Dorothy passed away recently, just shy of

99 years old. Dorothy enjoyed her time at Ruyton and

made life-long friends, such as

Ethel Temby

(Hay ‘32) (deceased) and

Joyce Pinkney,

(Williams ‘34)

(deceased) who married Old Trinity Grammarian,

Alan Pinkney.

Dorothy’s memory was unparalleled and she became

the ‘go to’ person for many a researcher or historian over

the years. She was quick witted, selfless and always saw

the good in everything, deciding not to mention the

bad. Her praise made her offspring jump higher and run

faster in life.

Dorothy was given

a reference from

the then Principal

Miss Hilda Daniell

on leaving School

which said that

she would make

a ‘reliable office

girl’. This was

proved to be true

at Repco, and it was

where she met Les

Williams, marrying

him in 1944. The

letter also stated

that Dorothy

‘is a hard, conscientious and thorough

worker who can be depended upon to do all she has to

do with great thoughtfulness’


‘she has shown a

public spirited interest in all School matters.’

Dorothy became a full-time mother after the war and

raised Robert and Anne. She was an exceptional woman,

who spent time teaching her children about the wider

world and educated her daughter in a myriad of things,

such as the arts, cooking, needlework, world history and

family history. Testament to this time spent with her

children, Anne both enjoyed and excelled in life, not just

in her chosen career, but also Dorothy instilled in Anne a

great sense of self, of truth and other Christian values,

charity and generally living a life well-lived.

When Anne’s own children arrived, Jay and Ben Pavey,

these lessons were passed on from Dorothy to them.

Now a grandmother herself, Anne imparts similar

lessons to her own grandchildren, albeit with computers

and the internet, rather than a typewriter, magazines

and the trusty encyclopaedia. They do say history

repeats itself!

Anne Grove

(née Williams)

DOROTHY ALLEN (GREGSON ’41) 1923 – 2015

Dorothy, who left

Ruyton in 1941, died

at the age of 91 on

6 June 2015.

Dorothy was a

loyal friend of

Ruyton with many

family connections

to the School.

Dorothy’s father, George K Gregson was on the

Board of the school and was elected to the first

Ruyton Council in April 1930. When the first

President, (Colonel WHS Kent Hughes) went to

serve in the war, George became President,

a position he occupied until 1951. Dorothy’s older



, was Captain of the School in

1928 and later became a teacher there. Dorothy’s

two other sisters also attended Ruyton, as did two

nieces. Dorothy married EC (Bill) Allen and lived

on the farm, Boorook, at Mortlake for 60 happy

years. Dorothy’s two daughters,

Prue Jolley



Nerida Hamilton

(’73), also attended Ruyton

until 1970, when they had to change schools due

to the boarding house closing down. Dorothy

spoke many times of the fond memories she had

of her school days and the school friends she kept

all her life. She will be very much missed by her

family and friends.


Wonderful news for

Anna Barnao

(Rintoul ’98) and

Daniel of the birth of their daughter, Isabella Rose, in

November 2014, a sister for five year old Oliver and three

year old William. Anna and her family have been living

in London for the last ten years.


Tash Dean

(‘92) married Jared Hunter in Cape Cod,

Massachusetts in September 2014. Tash met her

Canadian husband working in Calgary, following her

connection to the city as a Ruyton exchange student at

Strathcona Tweedsmuir School (STS). Following an

intimate wedding in Cape Cod, the couple hosted

wedding celebrations in Banff, Canada, and Melbourne,

with many STS and Ruyton alumni in attendance.

Pictured above:Carolyn Patterson (Speed),Nicci Dodanwela (Long),

Michelle Lovett (Beesey),AnneWalstab,Natasha Ballingall (Verginis),

Tash Dean,Renee Buchanan,Georgina Gillon (Candy),Melly Higgins

(Blomquist),Georgia Phillips (Sims) – all Ruyton ‘92.

Fiona West

(88) and

Kit Crooke are

delighted to

announce the birth

of Myfanwy

Rosemary Crooke

(Miffy) on 7 June 2014

– a gorgeous little

sister for Felix

(born 2007).

Congratulations to

Andrea Burke

(‘01) and Monty

Hanger, who welcomed a son, Benjamin William Hardie,

born in July, a brother for Charlie.

Reunion of the 2010 alumni


SophieTucker,Alice Sweeney,Amanda Bowden,JoVon Moger,

Lucy Mulcahy


Sarah Bush,Margot Symon,Emma Ulrick,Madeleine Reilly


HannahTabart,Jess Roberts,Jacky Berry,Amorette Garner


Dorothy (far right) with her

sisters (Old Ruytonians),her

step-mother and one brother.