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spring 2015

Children of Old Ruytonians 2015

Dear Ruyton Community,

So far this year the ORA Committee has been hard at

work organising a range of events and implementing

new initiatives. In addition to assisting with

reunions, the Committee is seeking to organise more

ORA events open to Old Girls of all ages and the

wider Ruyton community. In April we welcomed

back Mr Graeme Simsion, author of the bestselling


The Rosie Project


The Rosie Effect,

for our

annual Meet the Author event. A brilliant storyteller,

Graeme recounted many entertaining anecdotes to

a captive audience, comprising of Old Girls, parents

of Ruyton, current staff and other members of the

wider Ruyton Community.

As part of the ORA’s long term strategy, one of the

Committee’s key objectives is to enhance our

understanding of the Old Ruytonian community.

Through greater understanding of our perceived

purpose among Old Girls and defining our member’s

appetite for particular programmes, the Committee

is able to define a set of initiatives and plan for the

future. In order to assist in the achievement of this

objective, the committee developed and distributed

a survey to all life members in April 2015. The survey,

which was completed by 10 per cent of members,

has provided valuable information to assist with

planning for the coming years and I thank all

respondents for their participation.

Results from the survey indicated that respondents

have a strong desire to stay in touch with Ruyton

and the ORA community. The majority of

respondents indicated they would like to receive

communication with current news among ORA

members and updates on news and events within

the School on a quarterly basis. Results also indicated

what types of events and programmes the

community would like to see implemented, which

the Committee has already begun to action.

One such programme that respondents indicated

their interest in is to facilitate mentoring and

networking. This programme is being planned and

developed, with a pilot programme commencing

early in 2016, to encourage networking among Old

Girls and to facilitate the development of mentoring

relationships for those who would like to participate,

either as a mentor or mentee. The programme will

involve a range of events.

As we go to press we are looking forward to

welcoming Belinda Hawkins (’76) in October, who

will speak as part of our Women of Ruyton Speaker

Series. Belinda has reported on national and

international events for almost 30 years and is

currently a producer of ABC’s

Australian Story.

Belinda will share her incredible story with us. It is

a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the success

of one of our Old Ruytonians.

For details of upcoming ORA events, follow our

ORA Facebook page and look out for our biannual

publication, the


Kind Regards,

Ms Sarah Blyth

, President of the

Old Ruytonians’ Association

Old Ruytonians’ Association

From the ORA President

Row 1 (Front row):

Olivia Michelini (Julia Goodsall ’84),

Harriet Charlesworth (Bridget Langley ’91), Olivia

Thompson (Simone McClure ’89), Nicholas & James

Horgan (Kate Bucknell ’00), Maggie Tindale (Lesya

Abraham ’00), Amber & Eve Lewis (Megan Galbally

’89), Michael & Isabel Caligiuri (Elisa Trotta ’98), Alexia

Kafasis (Christina Dardalis ’01), Lucy Gillon (Georgina

Candy ’92)

Row 2:

Matilda Ancarola (Julia Goodsall ’84), Sarah

Delaridis (Kate Murphy ’92), Amber Barry (Lisa Logan

’91), Lucy Long (Sarah McCann ’86), Mia Wilson (Nikki

McClure ’86), Zoe Boussioutas (Claire Ferguson ’85),

Issy Fry (Stephanie Backhouse ’88), Georgia Long

(Sarah McCann ’86), Cassie Grieves (Sarah Chew ’88),

Teresa Caligiuri (Elisa Trotta ’98), Amelia Osmond

(Fiona Griffiths ’87), Konstantina Kafasis (Christina

Dardalis ’01), Charlotte Gillon (Georgina Candy ’92)

Row 3:

Elena Ancarola (Julia Goodsall ’84), Emily &

Phoebe Johnson (Caroline Candy ’89), Sophie Courtney

(Melissa Rowe ’86), Pippa Angliss (Millie McLeish ’89),

Sophie MacIsaac (Katie McNeill ’84), Lucy Richardson

(Sally Driscoll ’90), Aimee Henderson (Tracy Sinner ’91),

Matilda Cook (Susie Jarman ’80), Samantha Bendall

(Jacqui Patterson ’85), Saffrey & Phoebe Brown (Anna

Long ’88)

Row 4:

Pollyanna Dowell (Melinda Field ’77), Eliza

Marsh (Serena Dougall ’83), Alice Goucher (Cathryn

Spratling ’84), Madison Collins (Emma Stewart ’93),

Eliza & Jessica Lamb (Melissa Flanders ’85), Sarah

Goucher (Cathryn Spratling ’84)

Row 5:

Hannah Wilson (Nikki McClure ’86), Phoebe

Ebbage (Penne Myers ’75), Bridie O’Callaghan (Kerry

Godson ’87)

A group of Old Ruytonians living in Western Australia enjoyed High Tea at the University Club,

University of W.A. with Ms Linda Douglas.


JudithWhitaker (‘67),Helen House (’68),Sue Marshall (’74),Linda Douglas,Principal,PamelaTurner (’73),

Gaye McLeod (’66),Mary Zillman (’57) and Lesley Cockle (’58)

W.A. Reunion


Belinda Hawkins (‘76) Speaker Event –

Ruyton Girls’ School

Book now at:

where all information can be found


Girls’ Night Out in support of the Cancer Council of

Victoria. This event will be held at the Beehive Hotel

in Hawthorn. Information about this event will be

posted on the Old Ruytonians’ Association Facebook

page – be sure to like our page

to stay up to date with events.

Up Coming Events hosted by the ORA

If you would like more information about these events please contact Ms Natasha Anderson in the

Development Office 9290 9345 or email