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Laura A Year 12

Laura achieved a perfect

study score of 50 in

Drama when in Year 11

2014 and was selected

to perform at Top Acts in

the Season of Excellence


Tell me about your first

involvement with drama.

When I was two years old my parents took me to a

stage performance of Winnie the Pooh. I sat transfixed

until the performance was over and most of the

audience had left the theatre. It was then I started

screaming hysterically. It took Mum and Dad a while to

work out my reaction was because the performance

had finished. Perhaps, I was always going to love the

Performing Arts.

What is your preferred acting role or style?

I don’t have a preferred performance style. Every role I

have performed, whether Shakespeare, Musical Theatre

or non-naturalism, has provided me with diverse

opportunities to develop my skills as an actor and learn

about the different conventions of these styles. I’ve

particularly enjoyed the challenge of performing in the

role of Hero in the Ruyton/Trinity production of


Ado About Nothing,

and devising and performing my

non-naturalistic VCE Drama ensemble and solo

performances, as they were emotionally demanding, yet

very rewarding.

What is your highest level of achievement?

I was completely blown away when I received a

Premier’s Award for VCE Drama in 2014. The end of 2014

was made even more special when I was announced as

Victorian Choir Leader of the Australian Girls’ Choir for

this, my final year.

Tell me about your favourite performance or your

favourite role.

Performing my VCE solo in front of 900 people at the

Playhouse Theatre in March this year as part of the Top

Class Drama Season of Excellence was both a humbling

and incredibly inspiring experience. I was thrilled to

perform the role of Belle in the Trinity/Ruyton Senior

School musical, Beauty and the Beast. This was really a

dream role for me, as the Disney film was my favourite

movie as a child and I just about lived in the gold Belle

gown I received as a six year old for Christmas.

What does being involved with drama at Ruyton mean

to you?

The Ruyton Drama community has been a truly

wonderful part of my six years here and one for which

I am so grateful. All those involved in productions are

passionate, create a professional environment and also

are so fun loving. I definitely prefer performing with

groups rather than solo, in particular the Ruyton/Trinity

Senior plays and musicals are experiences that I would

not have missed.

Who has been a role model for you?

Whilst I could easily speak of famous actors, I have

been particularly inspired by many of my fellow Ruyton/

Trinity Drama peers. I have been fortunate to be

surrounded by such passionate, talented and supportive

individuals, who have acted as both role models and

friends, inspiring me to take every opportunity to

develop my skills, whilst making every moment and the

often long rehearsals so much fun.

What other co-curricular activities are you involved in?

In my junior years I was a keen participant in sport,

particularly equestrian. However, as a Year 12, my

involvement has been mostly limited to the Performing

Arts. This year I have continued my participation in

Ruyton music as a member of Madrigals and Peelers,

and am in my twelfth and final year as a member of the

Australian Girls’ Choir.

Eliza B Year 10

Tell me about your

first involvement

with drama?

I was a fairy in the

production of


the Woods

at the age

of five.

What is your preferred

acting role or style?

I love it when I can

develop a character

focusing on an accent/facial expression/gesture/

movement. Finding the character allows me to fully

immerse myself in the role and takes me out of my

comfort zone. For example, dancing on the high tea

table as the Mad Hatter, and forcefully yelling at

guards as Queen Elizabeth in the recent Performing Arts

House Festival (PAHF) production, were both challenges

I really enjoyed.

Tell me about your favourite performance or your

favourite role?

Playing Belle in the Year 6 production of

Beauty and the


was a highlight. I grew up watching and loving

this movie, so it was a privilege to be able to play one

of the central characters on stage. I enjoyed re-creating

Belle’s gentle nature and intelligent outlook on

the town.

What does being involved with Drama at Ruyton mean

to you?

I feel so at home with the Drama community. Everyone

is so supportive and friendly, you can be your whole-

hearted self. I could not imagine my school life without

participation in Drama. It really has added another

dimension to my experience. I enjoy working and

performing with others in groups. You are able to listen

to and workshop different ideas, which sharpens the

creative process for a great result. You also form

a strong bond with your group members, because

working on a performance brings everyone together.

Who has been a role model for you?

No one person in particular stands out, however I

generally admire humble people who have a range of

skills. While being ridiculously talented themselves, they

don’t let fame or media get to them and still remain

true to self.

What other co-curricular activities are you involved in?

Aside from acting, I enjoy singing with Choirs of Ruyton

and the Show Choir.

Stella M Year 6

Tell me about your first involvement with drama.

At my previous school we didn’t have the subject,

Drama, so my first Drama class was in 2014 in Year 5

at Ruyton. But my first experience with Drama was in

Year 3 when I was eight and I performed as Kermit in

the school production,

The Muppets.

What is your preferred acting role or style?

Definitely my favourite role to play is funny. Whenever

Mrs Parker tells us to do improvisation it seems that

I always go to a funny character. I get huge satisfaction

when I can make an audience laugh.

What is your highest level of achievement?

My highest level of achievement in Drama at Ruyton so

far is being Mike Teavee in our Year 6 production


and the Chocolate Factory.

Tell me about your favourite role.

I loved being Mike Teavee because he was rude; he

interrupted people and had a funny personality. I liked

being rude and demanding when I was in the role.

What does being involved with Drama at Ruyton mean

to you?

Being involved in Drama at

Ruyton is fun! I would love

to have more than one

semester of Drama a year!

I participate in Mrs Parker’s

after school drama on

Thursdays with some

friends, which is fun.

I love group performances,

especially with my friends.

I really enjoy the

opportunity to perform

as a solo/main character

for a production or musical.

Who has been a role model for you?

My favourite actresses are Cate Blanchett, Shailene

Woodley, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Anne

Hathaway. My idol from Ruyton is probably Judith

Durham. I love Cate Blanchett, Rebel Wilson and Judith

Durham because they are Australian. I love Anna

Kendrick, Anne Hathaway and Shailene Woodley

because they are in my favourite movies.

What other co-curricular activities are you involved in?

At Ruyton I am involved in after school drama, Mini

Mads, after school sport and Ruyton netball.

From our Girls’ Perspective

Ruyton has a well-deserved reputation for its spectacular musical performances, concerts and

plays. When watching one of our musicals or sitting at an external venue as our girls perform

as a choir, you would be forgiven for thinking you were listening to professionals. The enthusiasm

and passion our girls display invariably produce polished performances, aided by a dedicated

Performing Arts staff. We don’t need the X-Factor or The Voice to promote our girls here!