The Ruyton Reporter - Spring 2014 - page 7

spring 2014
In an exciting initiative Year 4 now
provides an opportunity for our girls to
‘step up’ and to create their own place
at Ruyton. It is a chance for them to
learn about themselves and others,
and to connect with both the wider
Ruyton community and also the local
The middle years of primary school can
often be seen as the ‘in between’ years.
The first years of primary are celebrated
as the girls reach many milestones
and the final years are much looked
forward to for the opportunities that
they present the girls to shine. The
middle years are where the curriculum
becomes more abstract and the
availability of new opportunities is
somewhat limited. In order to address
this at Ruyton and make every stage
relevant, we have introduced the Year 4
South House programme.
The programme has been designed
to offer many exciting and new
opportunities. Through the purpose-
designed learning environment and
curriculum girls experience increased
independence. The learning
environment is designed to be agile
and flexible, accommodating the
need for collaborative learning as
well as the need to be reflective and
thoughtful. The learning space
seamlessly integrates technology into
teaching and learning, encouraging
creativity and critical thinking. Girls
are able to engage with the local
community and foster the creation
of meaningful connections with people
and places that will support the girls
in finding their own place. A strong
sense of community is established
within the Year 4 cohort, bringing the
girls together to live and learn
The girls will be connected to nature
through the establishment of a kitchen
garden. The programme challenges
the girls to step out of the comfort of
the Junior School physical space and
into the wider school community where
they can see the older girls as role
models. The projects undertaken are
meaningful and built around the
interests of the girls, which allow them
to leave their mark in South House so
that each year they become a part of
the building and its rich history.
We are delighted with the way in which
the girls have responded to this
inaugural programme and look forward
to sharing with you the outcomes
of some of these projects in future
editions of the
Ruyton Reporter.
Ms Nicole Ginnane,
Head of
Junior School
What the girls
are saying
‘We love looking deeper into
things because it opens up our
minds a bit further. We do a lot
of things together, and our ideas
are heard. Sometimes we get to
do things by ourselves without
being instructed. We don’t just
look at something and move on,
we go deeper in thought and in
our questions. We get to hear a lot
of different perspectives coming
from different minds. We all get
to learn with each other and this
makes our relationships stronger.’
‘South House is very modern on
the inside, with all the most
modern things to use. We have
three big-screen TVs that we
connect our iPads to so we can
all see each other’s ideas. We love
using our iPads for learning.
We have created our own iMovies,
pic collages, iBooks and played
lots of Mathletics Live!’
‘We often work in groups and
we often swap teachers as well.
Sometimes we go upstairs,
sometimes we stay downstairs
and sometimes we are upstairs
and downstairs.’
‘We learn together about real
life and we make action plans to
make a difference. Our learning
takes us out into the community
on many excursions. It has all
been connected to real life.’
‘We’re looking forward to leaving
our mark as the first group of
Year 4 girls in South House.’
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