The Ruyton Reporter - Spring 2014 - page 5

spring 2014
Little Learners Love Literacy
‘The best predictor of reading success is an
assessment of phonemic awareness and alphabet
knowledge. The Little Learners Love Literacy (LLLL)
programme is a multi-sensory, early literacy
programme that supports an explicit and
systematic development of skills in young children.
It is evidence based and includes explicit teaching of
phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency
and comprehension.’
Maureen Pollard
The pre-literacy skills of our Pre Preps continue to
be honed by participation in the LLLL programme.
LLLL is facilitated by our Pre Prep teachers and is
based on the alphabet through the learning of
phonemics (sounds) followed by phonics
(decoding of the alphabet) and vocabulary. Recent
studies have demonstrated
‘a major obstacle in
learning to read is a lack of phonemic awareness.’
(Pollard, 2014).
As the creator of the LLLL programme
Ms Maureen Pollard explains the ideal time to be
teaching children about phonemics starts before
formal school. Our Pre Prep children learn a
different letter of the alphabet each week: first
the sound of the letter is introduced, followed
by activities and worksheets that introduce the
name of the letter. Visit Maureen’s website at
to learn more about
phonemic awareness and have a look at the
following YouTube videos, created by Maureen
(speed sounds)
(Chitter Chatter Chant)
Ms Karina Buttler,
Director of Early Learning
Little Learners
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