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spring 2014
It is with great sadness that
the Ruyton community notes
the passing of the following
Old Ruytonians:
Dorothy Ashton
(Barber ‘41)
passed away on 2 January 2014.
Jane Danne
(‘69) born
30 November 1952 and passed
away on 31 October 2010, was
one of the founding members of
the Ruyton Outdoor Club (ROC).
Perhaps from this early
introduction to the outdoors
came Jane’s love of nature and
the Australian landscape. Jane
identified strongly with the
spirituality of Australia’s
indigenous people, which is also
consistent with ecology –
come from, depend on, and return
to the earth.’
Pamela Di Gilio
(’46) passed away
suddenly on 1 August 2014 in
Bendigo hospital.
Sarah Craig
Our dearest
friend Sarah passed away on
9 April 2013. She fought a truly
heroic battle with oesophageal
cancer and held onto life with a
fierce determination and strength
that made us so very proud. A
more true, loyal and loving friend
one could not ask for. We feel very
privileged to have shared her life
and will cherish her always.
Sally McNabb
Susie Kosa
(Ellis ‘76) and
Debbie Kroger
(Brown ‘76)
Mary Whitehead OAM
(‘35) born
on 2 November 1917, passed away
1 March 2014. Mary and her sisters
were boarders at Ruyton in the
1930s, and Mary’s nieces –
Elizabeth Ballentine
(Taylor ‘60),
Catherine Harkin
(Taylor ‘61) and
Mary McColl
(Taylor ’63) – were
also boarders some 30 years later.
The Autumn 2003 edition of the
Ruyton Reporter featured an
article on Mary Whitehead under
their brilliant careers.
Suzanne Barrah, Deputy Principal
Ruyton: 1980–1991
In Suzanne’s rich professional life as teacher,
mentor, colleague and friend, she selflessly
bestowed the precious gifts of knowledge,
wisdom, kindness and companionship. Delighting
in affairs of the mind, Suzanne had an intellectual
curiosity, a love of literature and music that
remained lifelong passions.
Suzanne’s gift for friendship is evident in the
tributes paid by those with whom she shared her
life: the formative years at school and university,
and subsequent years in her professional roles
at Ringwood High School, Canterbury Girls’ High
School, Ruyton Girls’ School and International
Suzanne’s first teaching position was at Ringwood
High School where she left an indelible impression
on a Year 9 student who still recounts vivid
memories of that young teacher’s influence.
My own memories of Suzanne go back over forty
years to when I began teaching at Canterbury Girls’
High School. A recent arrival from England, I faced
the challenge of teaching an unfamiliar curriculum,
including HSC. With her characteristic kindness,
patience and good humour, Suzanne became a
valued mentor who eased my transition into a new
As Deputy Principal of Ruyton, Suzanne was
an exemplar of the School’s ethos: high academic
standard for teachers and students, firm but fair
discipline, respectful relationships between staff
and students, integrity and dignity in all facets
of daily life. With her comprehensive knowledge
of future directions in education, Suzanne was at
the forefront of the curriculum changes taking
place in the late eighties. Conducting information
meetings with teachers, parents and students,
Suzanne facilitated the changes from the old HSC
model to its successor, the new VCE.
Suzanne celebrated life with gusto, held fast to her
lifelong passions, embraced the joys of friendships,
and never lost her wicked sense of humour.
Suzanne brightened and enriched the lives of all
those who were privileged to be part of her world.
Mrs Irene Taylor
(former Dean of English)
Suzanne Andrea Barrah (Snaddon ‘56)
12 August 1938 – 13 April 2014
There is a small group of women who have met
three or four times a year for many years. Some
of us attended Ruyton Girls’ School from
Kindergarten through to Matriculation; others
joined our class along the way. One in particular
who came at the age of 12 was Sue Snaddon
(Suzanne Barrah.) Sue was a School Prefect,
a School Sports Captain and received the Old
Ruytonian’s Prize, leaving with a Commonwealth
Scholarship to undertake an Arts course. Sue also
worked for many years as a teacher at the School
and was Vice Principal (commencing 1980) under
both Miss McRae and Mrs Gillies. At one reunion
lunch we were all devastated to learn that Sue
was suffering fromMotor Neurone Disease and
faced a very uncertain future. Our lunches
continued slightly more frequently so we could
all see more of Sue and reminisce about our
school lives. Sue not only had a great intellect
but a certain sporting prowess in tennis and
basketball. These lunch get togethers have allowed
us all to share many anecdotes and now, due to
Sue’s death, there will be a large vacuum.
Erica Mooney
(Lamparter ’56)
Staff Births
Andrea Binning
(‘93) who joined
us at a recent reunion is pleased
to announce the safe arrival
of Camila Marie Binning Hagen
in March 2014 who was born in
Chamonix in France. Both
parents, and three year old
brother Aksel, are delighted with
the new addition.
Jorja Harrison
(Burns ‘99) and
Damian (PE teacher at Ruyton)
are delighted to announce the
birth of Willow Rose in July.
A new sister for Rani.
Katya Choroszewski
(Stirkul ’00)
who is now living in the
mountains in Fernie, BC, Canada,
is pleased to announce the arrival
of beautiful daughter Anna
Isabel. Anna was born in April
2014 and is a sister for two year
old Timothy Roman.
Tim and
Claire Robertson
‘99) are proud new parents to
a baby boy. Charlie James
Robertson was born in February
2014 in Hong Kong, where Claire
and Tim have resided for the last
three years. Charlie is also the
first grandchild of recently retired
Ruyton Junior School teacher,
Mrs Angela Robertson.
Georgina Canty
(Dean of English)
and Simon Keys are thrilled to
announce the arrival of Abigail
Mary Canty Keys, born on 3 April
2014, weighing 6 pounds 9
ounces. Georgina has swapped
late-night marking for tending
Database administrator
and her husband
welcomed the safe arrival of
Jye Nicholas Matlock in April.
Junior School teacher
and her husband are
delighted to announce the arrival
of Oliver Maxwell Perrett in July.
1955–56 Leavers.
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Webster (Dickinson),Erica Mooney (Lamparter),Rosemary
Rushbrooke (Bowen),Suzanne Barrah (Snaddon),Christine
Martin (Hooper),Pat Findlay (Edwards),Gillian Linley (Tobitt),
Sylvia Gerraty (Fix)
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Judy Ben-Meir (Cohen), Janet
Walker (Brock), Janifer Harkin (Bristow), Judy Goodes (Dickinson)
A Gentleman and a Scholar
It is with great sadness that the
Ruyton community notes the
passing of
Trevor Hart
in April
2014, highly respected Archivist
at the School from 2007–2014.
Many will remember him for
his humorous and informative
excerpts in the Wednesday
Weekly. He was instrumental
in assisting the ORA is
establishing the Heritage Trail
and supported the ORA in
many other ways. Trevor will
be remembered for myriad
things: for his meticulous
attention to detail; his quirky
sense of humour; the way he
raised his hat whenever
greeting a female; for balancing
along the edge of the footpath
under the Moreton Bay Fig
tree and for his strongly held
opinions. For all of us at
Ruyton Trevor was a true
scholar and a gentleman and
he is missed.
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