The Ruyton Reporter - Spring 2014 - page 17

spring 2014
Daughters of Old Ruytonians
High Tea at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne to celebrate all past ORA Presidents
and Officer Bearers
USA Reunion August 2014
Dear Ruyton Community,
In May this year Ms Caroline Jarrett stepped
down as ORA President. Caroline has been
a wonderful leader over the last six years
and has dedicated a lot of effort to re-
establishing connections with old girls and
building up funds to finance bursaries for
Senior School students. During her term,
there has been a significant increase in
reunions, as well as the introduction of
interstate and international reunions, which
have been very successful. One of the ORA’s
most prominent achievements with Caroline
at the helm has been the implementation
of the Old Ruytonians’ Heritage Trail that
weaves its way through the School grounds.
Along the Trail information plaques have
been erected for significant buildings,
including a short commentary about the
history of the site and images from the past.
The unveiling on a sunny Sunday afternoon
was very well attended. It was a wonderful
opportunity for the ORA community to
get together and for all ages to inter-mingle.
I am very excited to be taking over the role
of ORA President and thankful for the
opportunity. I am passionate about Ruyton
and excited to help make the ORA
community even stronger.
Caroline was able to fulfil her role so
successfully with the support of Secretary,
Ms Natalie Pullan, who has also stepped
down from her position. Natalie served for
six years and has similarly dedicated much
time and effort to running the committee.
Her marketing background and design
skills have been, and continue to be, an
invaluable contribution on the committee.
As Natalie’s replacement we welcome
Ms Donika Odza. Donika, a senior
accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, has
been involved in the ORA committee for the
past year and I look forward to working with
her closely in our new roles.
There continue to be many events run by the
ORA: this year in August there was a High
Tea event celebrating all past ORA Presidents
and Officer Bearers at the Hotel Windsor
in Melbourne and another High Tea in New
York attended by Principal, Ms Linda
Finally, we are always looking for new ways
to interact with the ORA community, so if
you have any suggestions or queries we
would love to hear from you. Please email
us at
I look forward to meeting you all at
upcoming events and reunions.
Kind regards,
Ms Sarah Blyth
, President of the
Old Ruytonians’ Association
Old Ruytonians’ Association
From the ORA President
Row 4:
Sophie MacIsaac,Lucy Richardson,Sophie Riva,Sarah Kanat,Madison Collins,Pollyanna Dowell,Victoria Magoutis
Row 3:
Cassie Grieves,Mia Macfarlane,Pippa Angliss,Alicia Jones,Phillipa Hajdasz,Eliza Lamb, Jessica Lamb,Saffrey Brown,Phoebe Brown,
Nicole Andrews, Jennifer Andrews,Samantha Bendall
Row 2:
MiaWilson,HannahWilson,Olivia Michelini,Claudia Hoffmann-Hayes,Charlotte Gillon,Lucy Gillon,Phoebe Johnson,Emily Johnson,
Lucy Long,Georgia Long,Sophie Courtney,Amber Barry,Harriet Charlesworth,Eliza Marsh
Row 1:
Olivia Thompson,Sarah Delaridis,Amber Lewis, Isabel Caligiuri,Zoe Boussioutas,Teresa Caligiuri,Konstantina Kafasis,Alexia Kafasis,
Alice Kemp
Back row:
Linda Douglas (Principal),Sallie-Anne Swift (Spry ’78),Paige Adgemis
(’12),Fiona Posillico (Carre-Riddell ’75),Alexandra Collier (’97),Liz Vogan (’07),
Emily Lowell (Dana Hall exchange student ’05),Lucie Swinnerton (’04),
Alison Rodway (Leonard ’81)
Front row:
Eliza Green (’11), Imogen Browne (’11),Mollie Farrell (’11)
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