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The Principal wrote about the inaugural exchange with Nanjing
Foreign Language School (Xianlin Campus) in the previous edition of
Ruyton Reporter.
This school is a middle and high school located
in Nanjing, China. It is one of the seven oldest Foreign Language
Schools established during 1963-1964 under the supervision of
Premier Zhou Enlai. In August two girls and one teacher from Xianlin
Campus of Nanjing Foreign Language School visited Ruyton and in
September Ruyton girls paid a return visit.
‘I am really fascinated by this
fabulous school – Ruyton Girls’
School. When I experience the
teachers’ and students’
enthusiasm here, I feel honoured
to be the first exchange student
of our school. Academic
atmosphere is the representative
symbol of Ruyton. I really
enjoyed every class and got fully
involved. The students here are
kind, friendly and always helpful
when I have questions. It is a
precious and unforgettable
experience for me.’
‘No one can resist the temptation of an attractive painting, a blooming flower, a
garden-like school which is quite different from our school, and I am no different.
Ruyton Girls’ School is a school with a long history. When I came here, I totally loved
this school at first sight. I was greatly impressed by its beautiful scenery and
fascinating buildings. Girls here are graceful and easy-going. I got along well with
these girls in a short time. When I communicate with them, I find we have a lot in
common. The experience of being an exchange student helps me improve my oral
English quickly. Classes here are relaxing and of high-efficiency. I really enjoyed
school life during two weeks’ study.’
, Nanjing
Mrs Danyang McAuliffe,
Dean of LOTE
Ruyton’s Biggest Morning Teas
Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is
an opportunity for friends, family and
work colleagues to get together over
a cup of tea while raising money to
help the Cancer Council beat cancer.
The event is usually held during the
months of May and June. Cancer
Council (
/) brings
together Australia’s leading state and
territory cancer organisations with
the vision to
‘minimise the threat of
cancer through successful prevention,
best treatment, support and world-class
cancer research.’
At Ruyton, the Biggest Morning Tea has become a regular fixture on the Parent
calendar and nearly every year level organises a morning tea or equivalent. These
events take place at a variety of local cafes and private homes. Some even turned
the morning tea into a lunch or a dinner. Any excuse to have a get-together! At
School the staff organised a special morning tea in the staff room where many
treats were cooked at home and brought in to be shared. The total amount raised
across all events was $2202.50. It’s wonderful to see the Ruyton community
coming together in this way to support such an important cause.
Out of our comfort zone …
The Girls at the Centre Programme provides 50 girls from Years 7 to 9 at Centralian
Middle School in Alice Springs with motivation and support to stay at school, builds
their aspirations and boosts their educational achievements. Girls at the Centre is
designed and delivered by The Smith Family, in partnership with Centralian Middle
School. It is supported through a combination of government, corporate and
philanthropic funding. Ruyton has had a strong commitment to the programme for
over five years. Participants from Girls at the Centre spend a week at Ruyton, staying
with host families, and follow a programme of planned activities to extend their
knowledge and experience. Our Principal, Ms Linda Douglas, says,
‘This programme
pushes everyone out of their comfort zones a little; Ruyton girls, their teachers, their
families, and Girls at the Centre. In doing so, we all learn a little more about the lives
of others and different perspectives. Now that the programme is established there is
a palpable sense of connection between Girls at the Centre community in Alice Springs
and the Ruyton community. We have become good friends and gained an appreciation
of our similarities and differences.’
Here are some of the things the girls said about their experiences:
‘I’ve absolutely enjoyed every moment in Melbourne and with my host family. They
made me feel at home, they were just amazing and sadly, I’m going to miss them a lot.
Ruyton was a fantastic school and the girls there were so kind and welcoming, I can’t
believe I’m saying this but I actually felt like I belonged there. I would really like to go
back to Melbourne and visit my host family again. I’m going to miss Melbourne so much
– it was a great experience for me.’
‘There are no words to describe how this trip was but I loved every bit of it – from
meeting new people and seeing how they live to seeing everything in new eyes. This
trip was a real eye opener and it makes me think about how different our lives really
are. Alice Springs is such a small town while Melbourne is a huge city.’
‘My favourite part would have to be meeting and staying with my host family. They
were also so lovely and welcoming – they made me feel at home. I enjoyed going to all
the activities planned such as the zoo, it was an amazing experience and I got to learn
while having fun.’
We are truly grateful to our host families, without whom this programme would not
be possible. This year we thank the following families: Ainsworth (Margarita), Ebbage
(Phoebe), Hendawitharana (Kiara), Rachcoff (Lily) and Schaefer (Olivia).
Ms Julie Hoskins,
Co-ordinator of Special Programmes
Strengthening our ties with Asia
Community Near and Far
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