the ruyton reporter
The Green Team enjoyed a special visit from
Mr Michael Woodruff who supplies composting
worms. He was kind enough to come and show
the girls how to set up our worm farm and
maintain it so that the worms are happy, healthy
and productive. Our worms will happily munch
on fruit and vegetable scraps, flowers, coffee
granules and even tea bags!
Mr Ross Baker,
Green Team Co-ordinator
AWorking Bee of Knitters
This year, as part of their community awareness, Year 7 learnt to
knit by taking part in the
project. In addition, as part of
their Materials Unit in Integrated studies, Year 3 learnt how fibres
undergo a process and are changed into a different product. The
Year 3 and Year 7 students met regularly on a Friday for 20 minutes
to participate in this joint project to knit together. In 2008 the
programme was established to knit and/or crochet eight
inch (20 cm) squares which are then sent to volunteers in South
Africa. These volunteers sew them up into blankets for orphans and
vulnerable children affected by AIDS and extreme poverty. Out of
this programme the not-for-profit organisation Kascare was founded.
The goals of KasCare are: to warm and comfort children made
vulnerable or orphaned by poverty and HIV/AIDS; to gift them
blankets from the knitters and crocheters of the world who care
for their situation; and to raise awareness of their plight. The
programme provides an easy and accessible means to
make a difference in the lives of these children. Our girls knitted the
squares, bringing in one ball of plain eight-ply wool, a pair of six mm
needles and a bag for their knitting. As well as learning the skill of
knitting and working across year levels, the girls had the opportunity
to participate in a programme which makes a tangible difference
for impoverished and vulnerable children.
Mrs Mary Anderson,
Year 3 Classroom Teacher
Caring Hands