spring 2013
Here and the Never Never?
AWinning Habit
MiniMads Choir is an auditioned Choir consisting of girls from Years 5 and 6.The girls
rehearse once a week with Mrs Rebecca Barker, Director of Music, Junior School.
MiniMads perform at a number of eisteddfods during the year and have experienced
much success. In particular, at the annual Waverley Music Eisteddfod, the MiniMads
Choir has achieved first place in the Primary School Choir Section in five of the last
six years.
On Thursday 6 June, MiniMads performed at the International Festival of Singers,
Melbourne Eisteddfod. Against six other schools with students from Years 5–8, the
girls sang
Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel
with great enthusiasm and polish.
The adjudicator, Mr George Torbay, awarded them first place and commented on
beautiful, full, rich and warm tone.’
He was also impressed with their ‘
notes, dynamic contrasts and their great energy and focus.’
Mrs Barker and the girls
worked very hard to achieve this result, participating in extra early-morning rehearsals.
The girls were fine ambassadors for the School.
Mr Brad Nelsen,
Assistant Principal, Head of Junior School
Second Star to the Right and Straight on till Morning
At the end of Term 2 eight weeks of hard work and imagination from our Year 6 actors
came to fruition in the delightful tale of
Peter Pan.
The boy who never wanted to grow
up dazzled audiences with his fancy-free nature and love of adventure. As the play
began we were introduced to the narrators of this tale – the sparkling stars in the sky.
They looked down upon the home of the Darling Family.The children were tucked up
in their beds by their adored nanny, while mother and father went out to dinner. As the
children were drifting off to sleep Peter Pan and his cheeky side-kick, fairy Tinker Bell,
arrived on the window sill – and convinced the children to fly with them to Neverland.
Where is that, I hear you ask? Second star to the right and straight on till morning!
In this magical land the children met Indians, including Princess Tiger Lily and Big Chief
Soaring Eagle. At the lagoonWendy had some swimming lessons with the mermaids,
all the time dodging the evil Captain Hook and his band of misfit pirates. Of course
the adventure would not be complete without Peter’s best friends – The Lost Boys.
They had just invented a new weapon,‘The Nerf’, to rid Neverland of those big baddie
pirates forever! The audience was delighted by the wonder and magic that the Year 6
students, along with their director, created. It was an evening of twists and turns,
with the constant reminder of the ‘Tick Tock Tick Tock – Crocodile’who took the
Captain’s hand! Every Year 6 girl had a part on stage and they worked hard at learning
lines, helping out with costume design and prop collection. It certainly illustrated that,
working as a group, and in teams, each Ruyton girl was able to achieve her personal
best and stay forever young, finding her own way to Neverland. A reminder to us all –
think wonderful thoughts and you
achieve magic!
Mrs Georgie Parker,
Junior School Drama Teacher