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Inquiry-based Learning
In Prep we love being Scientists!
In Term 2 we investigated the earth’s changing cycles.
We chose some places in nature, for instance the
trees and parts of the garden around the School to
predict, observe and record any changes that
occurred throughout the term.We learned about
the seasons, night and day and weather patterns.
In Science classes we had fun learning about
materials.We did lots of experiments with different
materials to find out their properties and discussed
their uses.We even got to make our own recycled
paper out of used newspaper.
Mrs Anne Bennett
Miss Carla Bond,
Prep Classroom Teachers
Year 4 explore Exploration …
A snoopy explorer spies around the corner to see what
they can discover.’
Lisa Mukatsa
Exploration can lead to discoveries, opportunities and
new understandings’
was the big idea that the girls in
Year 4 investigated during their Term 2 Integrated
Inquiry unit.
To inquire means to ask questions. From the outset,
the girls in Year 4 asked questions and made a strong
connection with the qualities of explorers and,
in doing so, recognised that these qualities directly
correlate with the qualities that they want to emulate
as lifelong learners.They are in fact explorers in
their own learning!
They discovered that explorers (and learners) …
are curious, they wonder about things, they have
questions and they want to find the answers
take risks, they learn from their mistakes and
bounce back
think creatively to discover new possibilities
persevere; they keep going and they don’t give up
work in a team; share ideas, learn from each other
and learn to problem solve
expect the unexpected, they are flexible and can
change or alter their plan.
Inquiry is a process and, working collaboratively, the girls
designed their own exploration of a city site. It was
their turn to apply their understanding of all that they
had learned about what it means to explore and
become ‘the explorer’.The girls defined the purpose of
their exploration, how they were going to document
their findings and determined what equipment they
required to achieve their goals.
The exploration sites the girls explored included
Federation Square, Degraves Street and Flinders Street
Station. It was a new and different experience for
all of the girls.They asked sensory questions and they
received information through their senses, their
memories and their feelings as they explored and
discovered.The depth of their learning was obvious as
they reflected on their experience when they returned
to the classroom.
Eager explorers
inquire, discover
the new and ask
Ms Tanya
Mrs Emma
Year 4 Classroom