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Growing and Learning
Reptile Encounters
The Girls’ Pre Prep class enjoyed a fabulous incursion about animals from the sea
in Term 2. Josh from Reptile Encounters had the girls spell-bound as he showed them
different sea creatures and told them fascinating facts about each one. For instance,
the eleven-arm sea star has its mouth underneath its body and its bottom on top;
the male sea horse gives birth to the babies and can have 2000 babies at once; and
the puffer fish has enough poison to kill 30 adults and can only puff itself up twice in
its lifetime before it dies.The girls asked Josh lots of questions and it was an opportunity
for them to become socially responsible, showing respect for the environment.
Mrs HelenWild,
Girls’ Pre Prep Teacher
Architects or Psychologists?
As the year unfolds it is exciting to see how children in
the Kindergarten grow in their learning. After the early
months of settling into Kindergarten, meeting new friends
and establishing a routine, comes the interaction, co-
operation and communication with their peers. Children
in the Turtles’ group are exploring house designs. Using
a light table, compasses and different drawing tools
the children are sharing ideas about the prerequisites for
an ideal home. Parents might like to note that large
playrooms, toy rooms and even a flower room are seen
as essential requirements in today’s modern house design.
In the Rainbow group children are investigating what
happens as they grow up. By taking photos of each other
they can observe how certain expressions translate to
various emotions, which they attempt to guess. They are
also fascinated by physical changes. Some of the
comments include:
Your finger nails grow longer’;
your eyes grow bigger’;‘the tooth fairy comes’ and
you get to wear new tights’!