spring 2013
Mr Stephen Bulla is a composer, conductor,
arranger, adjudicator and clinician who,
most notably, was the Staff Arranger to ‘The
President’s Own’ United States Marine Band
and Chamber Orchestra inWashington DC.
In this role he organised myriadWhite House
events, beginning with the Reagan era and
continuing until 2010. He has experienced
the classic pieces of Frank Sinatra preferred
by Reagan, through Clinton’s saxophone,
to Obama’s StevieWonder. In July Ruyton
was fortunate to have Stephen here in the
School to rehearse the concert band and
senior wind ensemble.
Stephen loves working with professionals
but also enjoys the opportunity to work
with younger bands.
It uses two different
sides of the brain.Writing for professionals is
a real privilege and exciting but writing for
younger bands is challenging. It has to be
graded music, more confined and controlled.
It is a completely different discipline.’
The best thing about what Stephen does is
the chance offered to be creative in his job.
He loves working with musicians and using a
creative language. There is no downside to
his job. But it does disappoint him if he sees
a younger person not making the effort
in their work, through lack of concentration
or preparation through practice.
Some composers prefer to write only for the
very best players or musicians, but Stephen
has spent many years writing in the
educational field and finds it enormously
rewarding and enjoyable to be in touch with
the real grass roots.
Stephen has wide experience with young
people, and spent his time in Australia
working with secondary school bands in
Sydney and Melbourne, as well as with
Salvation Army Bands. He also acted as
adjudicator at the National Brass Band
contests in New Plymouth in New Zealand.
However, after rehearsing with the Ruyton
girls he said,
All the Ruyton girls appeared
eager to learn and displayed good attention
to direction from the front.’
Our students are privileged to have had
this opportunity to work with Stephen and
we thank him for his involvement with
the School.
For more information go to
Mr Paul Smith,
Director of Performing Arts
No Battle with the Bands!
Community Matters
From the President of the Ruyton Board
In June the Boroondara Council Urban Planning Committee approved the Ruyton
Development Plan, enabling us to commence the serious planning for the next
building project at Ruyton. In the process of formulating the Development Plan the
Board, in consultation with the School Executive, identified three major projects
that are necessary in the short to medium term, to ensure that Ruyton provides the
requisite facilities to deliver the curriculum and social needs of the students.
The three major projects are:
development of a new Performing Arts Centre
redevelopment of the Margaret McRae Centre
extension and refurbishment of the Junior School.
The Board has considered the logistics and priority of each of these projects and has
decided to commence with the redevelopment of the Margaret McRae Centre.
Incorporating four levels, the new building will include Science facilities, a Year 7 and
precinct, and open learning spaces to accommodate Drama and other activities.The
School has engagedWoods Bagot as the architect for this exciting new facility and
over recent weeks they have run a series of dedicated workshops with staff and
students as part of the preliminary process.With planning work on this project
already well underway demolition of the current building and commencement of
construction is scheduled for 2014.
In addition to the Margaret McRae building project the Board has approved
a redevelopment of South House. South House will become home to the two
Year 4 classes.This is part of a dedicated learning programme designed specifically
to meet the needs of these students as they enter the first stages of young
adolescence and become increasingly aware of the needs of the wider community
and the role they can play. It is a time when they want to be independent learners
and with a heightened social conscience, able to take action. It is an ideal age to gain
a true understanding of the importance of learning for life. Our aim is to provide
a unique Year 4 experience at Ruyton that will equip our girls with the foundation
skills and experiences to become independent, responsible and caring young
women who make a difference through their active engagement as global citizens.
This redevelopment of South House has been made possible in part through the
generosity of a neighbour of the School. Following the death of Mr Viktor Lapcik, the
School received the bequest of his home in Selbourne Road, which will be modified
to allow the Development Office to be relocated here, along with Questers.The
generosity of the Lapcik family is acknowledged as a significant part of our School
history, and the family will be remembered through the name of this property,
TheWardynsky’s House’, in memory of Mr Lapcik’s wife. It is an exciting time at
Ruyton and we look forward to the completion of this new Masterplan.
Ms KathrynWatt,
President of the Ruyton Board