the ruyton reporter
On an unusually warm Melbourne winter day, I looked out the study windows
to see a small group of our young girls under the Moreton Bay Fig tree. Closer
investigation confirmed my thoughts – they were talking to the fairies in what
they refer to as the fairy tree. Generations of Ruyton girls have enjoyed special
days under our tree, with the yearly Easter Egg hunt for our younger students
being one of our more recent traditions. I am sure that more than just a few have
talked to the fairies in their time. The tree has become one of the important
symbols of Ruyton and its presence is a constant reminder of the need to value
our traditions and heritage as we embrace new technologies and learning spaces.
As part of our strategic planning process the ICT Committee, having undertaken
a digital devices review, took a proposal to the August meeting of the Ruyton
Board of Directors. The laptop programme has now been part of the Ruyton
learning programme for over 20 years, and as digital devices have dramatically
impacted our approach to learning and work in recent times this review is timely.
At Ruyton we are committed to preparing our students for both active
engagement and leadership in an increasingly complex digital world. Twenty-first
century learning is complex, global and networked, and our challenge as educators
is to prepare students, using innovative solutions that provide personalised learning,
wherever possible, enabling them to thrive in an information-rich world and further
develop their skills to think critically. Access to digital information, tools and
resources from anywhere, at any time, can lead to a learning process that is
characterised by deeper engagement and understanding, and the employment
of higher order critical-thinking skills. Our learning environment needs to
integrate today’s digital tools, and adapt to individual learners and encourage
collaboration, teamwork and risk-taking in learning.We look forward to sharing
the next step of our digital learning plan with you over the coming months.
Academic Excellence
The Tuckwell Scholarship Programme for the Australian National University
was established by ANU alumnus Graham Tuckwell, and his wife, Louise Tuckwell,
in February of this year. Their $50 million gift to the University was the largest-
ever donation to an Australian University by an Australian Citizen. The programme
funds 25 scholarships each year for the length of a single or double degree as well
as ongoing academic and career mentoring. The successful scholars live in student
accommodation in Canberra and are encouraged to pursue community service
and extracurricular activities in addition to their academic studies. Applicants
from across Australia took part in a gruelling process to be considered for the
Graham and Louise Tuckwell foundation scholarships to ANU commencing in
ANU was searching for great thinkers, people who are interesting and really
want to immerse themselves in a learning environment: talented and passionate
people who will make a difference in our community.We were extremely pleased
to have a number of Ruyton students involved in this process, all of whom would
have been most worthy recipients of the scholarship and I congratulate each of
them on their presentation and effort in their applications. At Ruyton we were
thrilled to receive the news at the start of Term 3 that Janet Davey, Year 12, is one
of 25 inaugural students to be awarded a foundation Tuckwell Scholarship,
commencing in 2014. As a community we congratulate Janet on this outstanding
achievement and wish her every success as she embarks on this exciting journey
in 2014.
Each year students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the
Victorian Certificate of Education are recognised at the Premier’s VCE Awards.
The following Ruyton students were honoured for their exemplary performances
in VCE at the 2013 Awards Ceremony (awarded for 2012 year of study):
Michelle He in Further Mathematics
Maddison Nash in Economics
RylieWallace in Further Mathematics
As a community we congratulate Michelle, Maddison and Rylie on this
outstanding achievement and all of the Class of 2012 for their excellent results.
I would also like to thank our teaching staff for their dedication and commitment
in supporting all of our girls to achieve their personal best.
The Ruyton Fair 2014
In recent times we have established the routine of holding the Ruyton Ball every
second year and 2013 was a Ball year. This was a wonderful event – please see
page 16 for further details. The parents who attended were able to enjoy the
connectedness of the Ruyton community at the Ball, as well as raise funds for the
Ruyton Building Fund. Last year Ms Tonya Peters, Director of Development, and
I met with interested parents to discuss the possibilities of another event aimed
at the whole School community, including students, families, staff and Old
Scholars, to be held in the ‘non-Ball year’. As a result of these conversations the
Board of Directors approved the scheduling of the Ruyton Fair for the 2014
calendar of events.
The Fair will be held on Sunday 23 March 2014 from 10am–4pm and we look
forward to welcoming everyone from the extended Ruyton community, as well
as the local community, to the School for an afternoon of fun, food and festivities,
with the opportunity to catch up with friends and acquaintances for both adults
and students alike.
Mrs Amanda Peters, Co-chair of the Fair Committee, and her team of dedicated
parents have been working away for many months now to make this Fair a reality.
Their hard work and effort is greatly appreciated. There will be a vast array of
activities for the whole family available on the day: rides, children’s games,
entertainment, food and drinks as well as craft, vintage clothing and a plant stall.
Please email
or contact Ms Tonya Peters
03 9290 9318
if you would like to be involved in the first Ruyton Fair for more than
I hope to see many of you on the day.
Proceeds from the Fair will go towards
the Ruyton Building Fund, which will
be of real benefit to our current project
of redeveloping the Margaret McRae
building. Just as important is the
opportunity for all members of our
community to gather near the fig tree
and enjoy the connectedness that
is Ruyton.
Ms Linda Douglas,
From the Study
On our cover:Girls in the Science lab
Top Left:The Moreton Bay Fig Tree
Top Right:The Principal with Premier’s VCE Awards’Winners
Bottom Right: Janet Davey,Tuckwell Scholarship Recipient