spring 2013
It is always a great joy when we can celebrate with
Old Ruytonians on the birth of their children,
grandchildren and, as in this case, their great
Gwynne Elizabeth Duigan
Eeles ’34) is
now a great grandmother to twins. Her granddaughter,
Miranda Celeste Switajewski
Duigan ’90) gave birth
to Lucas Finn and Eloise Lily on 24 April 2013.
Narissa Parke
Llewellyn ‘97) gave
birth to Tilly Rose Dawn
on 22 November 2012.
Pictured with often
loving, sometimes
annoying, big brother
Strong ties despite the distance
Sharing a cup of tea with
family back in Australia is
still a very important
feature for
Julia Morgan
Simms ’69), Dux of the
School and Sports Captain,
on her visits back home.
The predominant memories I have of my 12 happy years
at Ruyton are of playing sport. Everyone was encouraged
to try out for all of the teams and, as I lived just around
the corner in Glenferrie Road, it was easy to join in a lot!
My sister Anna Simms (known as Jo) was already at
Ruyton, as had been my aunts, Brenda and Joan Simms,
so I had a deep sense of belonging. After leaving Ruyton
I studied medicine at Melbourne University and worked
at Royal Melbourne and Queen Victoria Hospitals. On a
safari holiday in East Africa I metWyn Morgan, aWelsh
doctor, and a few years later we married in Queenscliff.
Although he loved Australia, and particularly our year
working together as GPs in Mansfield, he always wanted
to return to ruralWales. I too was attracted to working in
rural general practice and foolishly thought if I was to be
far fromMelbourne it might as well beWales – but half
a world away does make a huge difference!We travelled
toWales via South East Asia and worked as locum
doctors in a leprosy mission in Chiang Mai.We used a
very competent translator who would listen for ages to
a patient’s condition and then turn to us with a brief
summary –
he has leprosy’!
Settling inWales was more difficult than I imagined
because I came as a stranger to a community proud of
itsWelsh culture and language (spoken by 80 per cent
in this area). I determined to learnWelsh so that no one
would need to change their language just for me and
I have become fluent. Our three children Nia,Tomos
and Sian were educated inWelsh at the local school,
except for the year at Point Lonsdale Primary when
we swapped jobs, houses, cars and pets with the local
GP there. It was wonderful for us all, especially for the
children, to discover their Australian heritage (and to
play with their cousins, including Amelia Mason,
another Ruyton girl.) Nia and Sian are now doctors in
SouthWales and Tom works in London’s financial world.
For the last 30 years I have worked as a partner in
general practice on the island of Anglesey off the
NorthWales coast. Home visits are still common and
have taken me to meet some fascinating characters,
including an old lady in a small fishing village who
knew just one Australian – Mrs Margaret McRae,
former headmistress of Ruyton!
We live on a small farm in Llangefni, a market town
in the centre of the island and enjoy a good lifestyle,
with ready access to beautiful beaches and the
mountains of Snowdonia. I have started bee-keeping
and, as the children left home, I seemed to acquire
more chickens, finally achieving my ambition last year
of being able to give away half a dozen eggs, all of
different colours. I always enjoy my visits back to
Australia and there is nothing like bumping into old
friends or calling in with my family for a cup of tea!
It is with great sadness that the Ruyton community
notes the passing of
Sharyn Archdall
Oates ‘65) on
February 2013.
It becomes very
clear to me just
how much our dear
friend has taught
me about courage,
and approaching
challenges with
a deep breath,
a brave face and
a positive attitude.’
Sophie Lyall,
current parent.
Caroline Johnson
Candy ‘89) passed away on
February 2013 following a long and brave battle with
breast cancer. Caroline was a much loved wife, mother,
daughter, sister and friend. From talking with Caroline’s
family and friends, my over-whelming impression of
Caroline is one of great courage and love for others.
At Ruyton Caroline was a bright and popular girl, who
excelled at her studies, was an accomplished tennis-
player and had a love for language and writing. In the
days when the main method of communication was
writing Caroline was known for her prolific
long letters of great conversation, emotional depth and
Nicky Long
Beesey ‘89.) She was respected
for her firm opinions and honesty, and also had a great
sense of humour. Family was very important to Caroline
and she always spoke lovingly of her parents and
sisters, and subsequently, became a loving wife and
devoted mother.
Caroline began her education at Little Ruyton in
Princess Street, Kew, in 1974, and spent her school life at
Ruyton, following in the footsteps of her Grandmother,
Betty Candy
Summons ‘34) and Aunt,
Deryn Sayers
Candy ‘65). She graduated fromMelbourne University
with a Bachelor of Arts (while being a Trinity College
resident) and later pursued a career in Human
Resources and Management. She is survived by her
husband, Mark, and three children, Emily, Phoebe and
Will, who are current students at Ruyton and Trinity
Grammar School, respectively; and also her parents,
Judy and Bruce Candy, and her sisters,
Fiona Candy-Rosa
Georgina Gillon
Candy ’92), and their families.
The depth of feeling for Caroline was evident at her
memorial service at Holy Trinity in Kew, where many
hundreds of people, including current and past teachers
of Ruyton, as well as the general Ruyton community,
gathered to celebrate her life.
Candy (as I knew Caroline) was a source of strength in so
many lives and, although she can’t be with us anymore,
her spirit is strong and we can all take comfort in the
knowledge that she will always be with us – her light will
continue to burn bright in each and every one of us, her
friends, her family, her husband and her beautiful children.’
AngelaWoodruff (Trinity College, Melbourne ’90.)
Caroline Burke
married Nick Carr on
February 2013 at the
Scotch College Chapel.
Both their mothers are
Old Ruytonians,
Hardie ‘70) and
Sue Carr
Franklin ‘62).
Congratulations to
Katherine Sutherland
Nicolson ’03), who
married Travis Sutherland
in Lorne,Victoria on
Saturday 16 March 2013.
Natalie Ryan
recently gave birth
to a daughter, Emma, sister
to two year old Lucy. Natalie
is a primary school teacher
engaged in emergency
teaching while her children
are still young.
Congratulations to
Dean of Health,
Amanda Tiernan,
who gave birth to
a wonderful baby
boy,William James,
in April 2013.
Angela Allen,
from the
PE Department and
Co-ordinator of Houses,
is delighted to introduce
us to Olive, born on
April 2013, weighing
kgs. Big brother,
Albert, is playing a
protective role already!
Cazz Walkley
from the
PE Department is the
proud mother of a baby
boy, Eamon John. Eamon
was born on 7 April 2013
weighing 3.3 kg. Cazz
had her special helper,
Eamon’s big sister Kalie,
with her when she visited
us earlier in the year.
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