spring 2013
Dear Ruyton Community,
Since walking the Heritage Trail, we have
been thrilled to hear numerous stories
of the adventures that Ruyton students
have had in the School grounds. From the
days when students boarded to current
times, we are lucky to have so many
memorable accounts and the committee
have decided to compile a memoir to
capture all these moments. Please stay
tuned for more information. If you have
a story to tell, please send it to
or post to
the Old Ruytonians’ Association,
Selbourne Road, Kew,Vic 3101.
On the subject of events, the ORA had the
pleasure of hosting our first Meet the
Author evening.We were fortunate to have
Mr Graeme Simsion talk to us about his
bestselling book,
The Rosie Project.
Not only
is the book fantastic, but also Graeme is
a wonderful storyteller about his life and
experiences. Over 60 people attended
the event, where signed copies of the book
were available for purchase. Graeme is
now working on the film script for
Rosie Project.
We held the annual Year 12 Leavers’
Cocktail Party at the beginning of August,
which was attended by 2012 Alumni and
their parents. It was lovely to welcome
them back to the School and induct them
into the Old Ruytonians’ Association.
We also supported the Careers’ evening in
Term 2, where a number of Old Ruytonians
shared details about their chosen subjects
and career path after leaving Ruyton.
We thank them all for their involvement,
for it provides current students with an
abundance of ideas as they make critical
decisions about their futures.
In September Ruyton ran a London
Reunion. Old Ruytonians from the UK,
as well as those living close by in Europe
and some Old Ruytonians travelling in
the region attended this event, and had
the opportunity of meeting the current
Principal, Ms Linda Douglas.
It was very successful, with old girls
renewing friendships and plenty of
opportunities to network.We look forward
to other overseas reunions in the future.
The next major event will be the
Presidents’ Lunch in February 2014 where
we look forward to inviting back all past
Presidents of the ORA. Invitations will be
in the mail later this year.
The committee has seen a number of
changes in the past six months.We said
farewell to Fiona Horman (’77) and
Fleur Coldwell (Summons ’90) who have
been long-standing committee members.
Both have previously held the position of
President of the ORA and have been or
still are involved with the Ruyton Board.
Their commitment to the ORA and Ruyton
is valued highly and we thank them for
their contribution. As we say goodbye to
Fiona and Fleur, we welcome a number
of new members to the team.The current
committee consists of:
Caroline Jarrett (’05)
Andrea Fyfe (’89)
Natalie Pullan (’05)
Committee Members:
Freya Marsden (’89),
Stephanie Pratt (’05), Donika Odza (’07,
Jessica Bourke (’07), Madeleine Reilly (’10),
Emily Mclean (’04), Sarah Blyth (’07),
Caitlin Uren (’07)
As we have a young committee we invite
some of the older generation to offer the
value of their experience. If you are
interested in joining us please contact
Mrs Marilyn Rouhard, Ruyton’s Co-
ordinator of Community, on 03 9290 9335
Lastly, we would like to thank all members
of the ORA, Mrs Marilyn Rouhard, Ms Tonya
Peters, Director of Development, Ms Linda
Douglas, Principal and other School
representatives who have been involved in
making such a successful 2013.
Kind regards,
Ms Caroline Jarrett
President of the
Old Ruytonians’ Association
Old Ruytonians’ Association
The Rosie Project
You are warmly invited to walk
on the ORA’s Heritage Trail
Friday 8 November 2013, 2pm – 3pm
and enjoy a viewing of the Annual Art Show in The Royce Theatre.
Refreshments will be provided.
Bookings are essential.
Please contact Mrs Marilyn Rouhard Development Co-ordinator,
Community on
or 03 9819 2422
From the ORA President
Front row:
Amber Lewis (Megan Galbally ’89),Konstantina & Alexia Kafasis (Christina
Dardalis ’01),Zoe Boussioutas (Claire Ferguson ’85),Amber Barry (Lisa Logan ’91),Samantha
Bendall (Jacqui Patterson ’85), Isabella Mitrevski (MishWrighton ’94 ),Pippa Anglis (Millie
McLeish ’89 ),Lucy Richardson (Sally Driscoll ’90),Teresa & Isabel Caligiuri (Elisa Trotta ’98 ).
Row 2:
Lucy & Charlotte Gillon (Georgina Candy ’92),Phoebe & Emily Johnson (Caroline
Candy ’89),Harriet Charlesworth (Bridget Langley ’91),Elena Ancarola,Olivia Michelini
Matilda Ancarola (Juala Goodsall ’84),Lucy & Georgia Long (Sarah McCann ’86),Sophie
MacIsaac (Katie McNeil ’84),Mia Macfarlane (Melinda Collins ’78),MiaWilson (Nikki
McClure ’86),Olivia Thompson (Simone McClure ’89),Cassie Grieves (Sarah Chew ’88),
Claudia Hoffmann-Hayes (Sharon Hoffmann ’86).
Row 3:
Victoria Magoutis (Kathrine
Alysandratos ’88),Lily Mulcahy (Claire Coppock ’84),Sarah Kanat (Robyn Bate ’80), Jessica
Eliza Lamb (Melissa Flanders ’85),Phillipa Hadjasz (Lisa Hagger ’87),Alicia Jones (Susan
Hagger ’80), Jennifer & Nicole Andrews (ArnaWright ’79),Saffrey & Phoebe Brown (Anna
Long ’88),Alexandra Buckley (Janette King ’76),Sophie Courtney (Melissa Rowe ’86).
Row 4:
Pollyanna Dowell (Melinda Field ’77),Madison Collins (Emma Stewart ’93),EmilyWatson
PennyWatson ’82),Charlotte Jones (Amanda Parry Okeden ’82),Georgia Evans (Rosemary
Johns ’82),AbbyWard (Janet Toy ’81).
Emma Bannister (Ruth Neilson ’81),Phoebe
Ebbage (Penne Myers ’75),Sarah Goucher (Cathryn Spratling ’84),Alice Hardiman (Angela
Cassar ’93),Emma Hayes (Serena Coe ’81),Alexandra Hoffmann-Hayes (Sharon Hoffmann
Tess Macallan (Sally Beach ’79),Sophie Riva (Caitlin Miller ’80),HannahWilson (Nikki
McClure ’86), Irene Yannelis (Kathryn Galatis ’88),Rosie Young (Sally Miles ’92)
Daughters of Old Ruytonians