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The Foundation
From the President of the Ruyton Foundation
What a fabulous celebration we enjoyed at the Ruyton Ball 2013! There was
a tremendous atmosphere of good will among the assembled company.The Ball
was the result of much hard work and planning by the Ball Committee and heartfelt
thanks are extended to the following who worked tirelessly on our behalf: Nikki
Wilson, Debbie Roberts, Lyndel Adgemis,Wendy Cooper, Sue Jackson, Marisa Tricarico
and members of the Development Office Team.
Over $31,000 was raised on the night, and this has been allocated to the first stage
of our Masterplan.This stage is due to start in 2014, with the redevelopment of the
Margaret McRae building.This redevelopment will include state of the art Science
labs, areas for Years 7 and 8, including classrooms and shared flexible learning areas,
specialised Drama studios and an Events space.We are also engaged in the
redevelopment of South House, as we return it to a teaching and learning space.
This increase in spaces was made possible by the extremely generous provision in
the will of a neighbour of the School, Mr Viktor Lapcik (see page 3.) The Ruyton
Foundation believes that our girls’ opportunities should not be constrained by
facilities and buildings, traditional learning avenues or inaccessibility. I invite your
support to realise our financial commitments in this next phase of the building
works, either through contributing to the building fund option on the invoices
received for tuition fees; or through a one-off donation; or perhaps a significant
donation pledged over a few years. All donations to The Ruyton Building Fund are
tax deductible.Today our daughters enjoy the generosity of donors from the past;
please join me in maintaining and continuing this generosity of spirit for current
and future generations of students. I will keep you updated as we work towards
meeting our financial objectives.
Thank you once again to all who participated generously on the night of the Ball.
It was a wonderful celebration.
Mr Peter Kanat,
President of the Ruyton Foundation
If you would like more information regarding opportunities to donate to The Ruyton
Building Fund please contact Ms Tonya Peters, Director of Development, on 9290 9318