spring 2013
The Stuff of Legends…
The Years 9/10 Performance to
Production elective has achieved
successful outcomes throughout the
years it has been competing in the
Monash Schools’Theatre Festival,
receiving awards for both Performance
Making and Achievement inWriting.
Regretfully, Monash University
announced at the conclusion of 2012
that it would no longer be running the
Festival. Seeing the enormous benefit
students receive from their participation
in such an event, the Ruyton Drama
Department decided to recruit a small
number of schools to run our own
Interschool Theatre Festival.
Ruyton along with Trinity, Korowa and
Lauriston joined forces and, following
the model of the original Festival, we
agreed to provide students with pictorial
stimulus and settled on two pictures
by graffiti artist Banksy. In order to
stimulate diverse interpretations we
allowed the students to focus on the
entire painting or particular aspects,
such as colour or an object. Ruyton was
responsible for assembling and
distributing the stimulus packs and
providing guidance as needed
throughout the development process.
Students were encouraged to take
ownership of the creative vision for the
project and drive the production with
guidance from their teacher in shaping
their ideas for performance.The
production values were limited to three
lighting states – warm wash, cool wash,
strobe and blackout, with the optional
effect of a smoke machine, and each
performance was restricted to a length
of up to 20 minutes. Adjudicators for the
event were sourced from both the
education and performance industry –
Jannah Davies, former head of Drama at
Ruyton, and freelance director and
choreographer; Meg Upton, education
consultant for the MTC, Malthouse
Theatre, Arena Theatre, Real TV,
Australian Opera and the Arts Centre;
and Luigi Lucente, a performer in film
television and musical theatre whose
recent theatrical credits include
Jersey Boys
Guys and Dolls
The open
interpretation to the stimulus led to a
variety of performance styles presented
on the night from non-naturalism, to
realism and absurdist.
This event provided students with
a wonderful way to share their work
beyond the boundaries of their school
community and to work collaboratively
towards a common goal in the pursuit
of performance excellence. For the
future Monash is looking to secure extra
funding to run this Festival again, but,
having received such an enthusiastic
response from students, participating
schools and the wider community, if
Monash were unable to resurrect this
event Ruyton will endeavour to provide
this performance opportunity to
students in future years.
Mrs Christine Lucas-Pannam,
Co-ordinator of Drama
What the adjudicators said:
Meg Upton
general comments:
A pleasure to see five original and very
different pieces of theatre responding
to the same stimulus material … It is
also great when theatre poses questions
and explores issues but doesn’t
necessarily answer them. Finally, we were
also entertained and that is another
important role of theatre.’
All You Need Is Stuff
by Ruyton Girls
An outstanding ensemble
performance that was sophisticated in
both its execution and construction …
The final scene was unexpected and very
effective. It played with a very big idea
that grew from an increasingly urgent set
of ideas.Well done!’
Jannah Davies
All You Need Is Stuff.
Fantastic performance energy. Clever
script writing. Loved the use of the word
stuff’ throughout. A true ensemble piece
that was both thought provoking and
entertaining. It has certainly made me
think about how much ‘stuff’ I have/use!!
Lots of very talented actors in this group.
I hope many of you consider this subject
for VCE. You were fantastic!!!’
Outstanding Ensemble
Audiences were treated to outstanding performances
during the run of the Trinity/Ruyton musical,
and Dolls.
This particular show has a long-standing
reputation as a crowd pleaser, but the superbly-
crafted script and brilliant musical score can only be
successfully realised by a high standard of the talent
within the cast and crew.This stunning production
did not disappoint. Under the careful direction of
Mr Mark Lauber, supported brilliantly by Musical
Director, Ms Michelle Stanic, Chorus Master, Mr Kevin
Kelley and choreographers, Mrs Janine Power and
Mr John Morgan, the cast treated the audience to
performances filled with show-stopping numbers and
a great deal of laughter.The female leads were
double-cast, with Dana Hehir and Annabel Rodway
sharing the role of Miss Adelaide, while Lauren Sibree
and Alice Adams shared the role of Sarah Brown. Each
performer brought their own unique skills to the role
and both interpretations had audiences in rapture.
Dana and Annabel were ably-supported by their
leading men, Neil Kemister as the wedding-shy,
Nathan Detroit, and LiamMcCoppin as the love-struck
Skye Masterson.The ensemble cast brought down the
house with their dynamic renditions of
Luck Be a Lady
Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat.
The Hotbox Girls – Rose Adams, Laura Aldous, Hollie
Curtis, Kate Graham, Sophie Kleiman, Schrader McLeay,
Alice Pryor, Brittany Scott, JuliaWoolrich and Grace
Zimmerman wowed the audience with their eye-
popping costumes and spectacular singing and
dancing in
A Bushel and a Peck
Take Back Your Mink.
This year the Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre
located at Xavier College was used as the
performance venue – a fitting showcase for Andrew
Plant’s versatile set design and the perfect backdrop
for Phillip Rhodes’ sensational costume creations.
No-one could possibly forget those amazing hats,
complete with moveable chickens and stunning
corsetry. As always, our thanks go to the dedicated
FORDA team for their amazing work on costumes.
The spacious orchestra pit and excellent acoustics
were taken full advantage of by the orchestra who
didn’t miss a beat in supporting the cast on stage.
Bravo to everyone involved.This vibrant production
will create a lasting memory for those who had the
privilege of witnessing this extraordinary show.
Mrs Christine Lucas-Pannam,
Co-ordinator of Drama
These wonderful images from
Guys and Dolls
were provided
by Mr Philip Robertson, a Trinity Grammar School parent.
To view a complete set of the photographs please go to
and to order them use the
Trybooking link on the website.
Production Perfection
Guys and Dolls