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Earning her Water Wings
When we talk of determination some may think
of climbing Everest or running a marathon.What
Angela Liu, Year 12 student and Assembly Captain,
has done displays just as much courage and
strength of character. In Year 8 Angela, although
a swimmer, decided her skills in this area needed
refinement and that she wanted to get fit. So she
enrolled in a swimming programme at Ruyton
Aquatic Centre, learning to improve her swimming
stroke with girls half her age. Her coach made a
deal with her; if she managed to swim at GSV level
she would no longer need to swim breaststroke –
her least favourite stroke! In March this year
Angela swam at the Melbourne Sports and
Aquatic Centre in the finals of a freestyle relay
with three other girls from Ruyton. As Angela said,
It was a great experience to swim in the finals at
MSAC. Not only does swimming keep me fit but
also I expanded my friendship group by meeting
other girls I wouldn’t usually hang out with.’
The Ruyton Aquatic Centre has dedicated
coaches for all levels of swimming. Please contact
Mrs Jenny McMillan, Aquatic Manager, direct on
8651 4446
for more details.
GSV Cross Country Championships
Congratulations to the Cross Country team who participated in the
GSV Division 1 Championships earlier this year. It was a long wait over
the weekend for the girls finally to be acknowledged as overall winners
on the day. For this event, success comes as a result of a commitment
from the whole team to training, and on the day of the competition.
Under the direction of Head Coach, Mr Steve Ellinghaus, the girls were
well prepared to take on the challenge. After the event, Steve
acknowledged the contributions of the Year 12 girls over many years
when Ruyton has excelled in cross country competitions. A special
mention must go to individual winners of the Junior, Intermediate and
Senior Divisions: Laura Powell, Natalie Rule and Courtney Powell.
A Memorable Camp
One of the highlights of the Year 9 programme is the
eagerly anticipated Snowsports Camp. For a number
of years, the Snowsports Camp has been located at
Mt Buller and Mt Stirling.This year, the Camp was
relocated to Falls Creek, with accommodation provided
by Howman’s Gap YMCA.The new venues for the Camp
were a great success. Howman’s Gap has comfortable
bunkrooms for the girls, and huge dining, games and
lounge rooms.The girls could help themselves to coffee,
tea and hot chocolate at any time, and biscuits and
fruit were available throughout the day.The staff were
friendly and helpful, and the food was tasty and
plentiful.The biggest positive for Howman’s Gap was
its proximity to Falls Creek Resort – only four kilometres
up the mountain! This meant that, as the travel time
was so short, there was more time for skiing! Falls Creek
has a wonderful selection of beginners’ runs that
provided a steady progression for girls who were new
to snowboarding or skiing.These runs were not as
crowded as Bourke Street, Mt Buller, and the lift queues
not so lengthy.The cross-country experience was
wonderful, as the girls were able to pick up the skills
quite quickly and then explore many kilometres of
terrain. Our evenings were kept busy with a fireworks
display at the Village Bowl, and a talent show.Two of
the young men who work at Howman’s Gap are cross
country skiers, hopeful of competing in theWinter
Olympics 2014. Our Talent Show raised over $150 in
funds for Callum and Phil’s Olympic dream. As always,
Ruyton girls made a positive impression on everyone,
and the staff received many compliments about how
polite the girls were.The teachers were particularly
impressed by the resilience demonstrated by the girls
in learning new skills.
At the end of each day
it was common to hear
my muscles are so sore’,
I’m so tired’ and ‘I’m cold’
floating down the
hallway but every girl
powered on, unless they
were injured or sick.’
Paris Powell
We were very pleased to have the company of past
Ruyton student, Zoe Kanat, who attended as the Camp
Assistant. Zoe provided additional supervision, and,
as a qualified ski instructor, she was able to give the
girls tips on their skiing skills.The Snowsports Camp is
always enjoyed by the girls and staff, and the move to
Howman’s Gap and Falls Creek has made it an even
more positive experience.
Paris Powell,
Year 9 and
Ms Julie Hoskins,
of Special Programmes
Perseverance Pays Off