spring 2012
Pretty harmonies
In May the MiniMads attended the Boroondara Eisteddfod to perform
in the Junior School Choral Section.We practised really hard and put
in lots of extra recess and lunchtime rehearsals to prepare two songs,
Nature Boy
She Sings.
All our efforts paid off when we heard that
we had come first out of 13 other choirs! Mrs Baker, our conductor, and
Mr Jones, our accompanist, were very proud of us. It was an incredible
feeling when we heard that we had won.We could hardly believe it.
Here are some of the things the MiniMads girls had to say about
the experience:
I really didn’t think we were going to win because the judge just kept
writing and writing.’
Mariam Kassaby
Year 5
It was pretty cool.’
Molly Furey
Year 5
I was so nervous and I couldn’t believe that we had won.’
Lily Tarry-Smith
Year 5
It was really exciting and special.’
Claudia Schonfeldt Year 6
I was so surprised and speechless when I heard that we won.’
Ella McKeand
Year 6
I was really nervous, but I was also really proud of what we achieved.’
Emma Lee
Year 6
My favourite song was ‘She Sings’ because it has a very pretty harmony.’
Lena Demaison
Year 6
Maeve Luu, Florrie McKay, Bridget Perry,
Music Co-Captains
Mia Delzoppo, Laura Hartin, Ciara Brennan,
Music Teammembers
What instrument did you play?
During Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2, 5BH students
were involved in the Band Programme. The Ruyton girls
learnt a number of different instruments. These included
the trombone, euphonium, trumpet, clarinet and flute. The
girls faced a number of challenges, especially those who
had no musical background. The girls showed persistence
in this subject and worked through their frustrations. Each
week they would learn and revise different musical pieces
and practise for their final band performance, in front of
their family and friends. This final presentation was great
to watch. It was wonderful to see the girls perform with
such confidence, and with such sunny smiles!
Comments from some of the 5BH students
It was fun learning a new instrument.’
Angelyn Neoh
We enjoyed the group task of playing together and
developing our confidence.’
Mia Jordon
I found it very difficult to read music, as I had never done
it before. It was a challenge.’
Olivia Harper
I was a little nervous playing in front of an adult audience,
but enjoyed performing.’
Sammy Bendall
I enjoyed playing an instrument with my friends.’
Musical Notes