spring 2012
Around theWorld
Cultural Day
Linking in with the focus on the Olympics,
we celebrated Cultural Day in the Junior
School in August too.We adopted the
principles of Harmony Day, which is
recognised annually in March, and
commemorates cultural diversity.The
continuing message of Harmony Day in
Australia is that everyone belongs, which
means all Australians are a welcome part
of our country, regardless of their
background. We focus on community
participation, inclusiveness and respect,
celebrating the different cultures that
make Australia a great place to live. On
Cultural Day the girls ‘travelled’ to
different countries (classrooms) in multi-age groups, using ‘passports’ and
participated in a variety of activities to learn more about the culture there. For
instance, in Italy there was pizza and toga making; in India mosaics were explored;
in Spain the girls looked at Gaudi’s artwork and created their own Gaudi piece;
in Scotland the girls made a flag and ate some porridge; and in Zimbabwe placemats
were created with drawings of animals that live there.The girls wore a touch of
orange, the colour adopted to represent Harmony.The success of the day confirmed
how willing our girls are to be open to new and different experiences.
Mr Brad Nelsen,
Assistant Principal, Head of Junior School
Olympic Fever
Wherever possible we attempt to include in our teaching lessons to be learned from
contemporary events.What a wealth of knowledge and topics a study of the Olympics
affords! The girls have looked at several countries competing in the 2012 London
Olympics; they have discussed their varying cultures and have reflected on the values
of fair play and participation.The culmination was a wonderful Olympics day
organised by the PE Department in August.The girls paraded across the oval in their
countries.To the music from Chariots of Fire, the Olympic torch was delivered to Ms
Douglas, who was draped in an Australian flag, so she could ‘light’ the cauldron.The
girls participated in many Olympic sports (modified of course!) such as sailing, table
tennis, weightlifting, shooting, equestrian and the triathlon.The day was very
successful, played out in true Olympic spirit by all the girls and teachers.
Mr Brad Nelsen,
Assistant Principal, Head of Junior School