the ruyton reporter
The Road Less Travelled
No chance to get lost!
As part of the Buddies Programme Ruyton and
Trinity organise a joint activity to promote orienteering
skills in Year 6.While Ruyton is proud to educate girls
in a single sex environment, it is important not to
exclude the opportunity to learn new skills in a
co-educational setting.
I found that orienteering was easier than I thought
it would be.’
Sophie Johnson
My Trinity Buddies were very helpful and nice.
We completed three of the four courses.’
Georgia Longley
My buddy was very helpful, we completed two
courses. Even though it was raining I enjoyed the
whole thing.”
Georgina Bolam
Working with my Trinity Buddy was entertaining. It was
enjoyable to learn some skills in orienteering. My Trinity
Buddy and I completed three courses and they were all
Paris Moore
When I was told that we were going orienteering,
I was expecting it to be quite simple. I found it to be the
opposite when it started raining and my buddies and
I became very lost. Still we had a very enjoyable time.’
Katie Flinn
Now and Then
Been to The Louvre? The Tate? The Guggenheim? The Met? For one day only!
Special Opening.The Year 1 Museum!
This was the invitation we received to join with Year 1 at a very special event in
Term 2.The Museum was full of interesting items gathered from the past.The
girls were working on a unit entitled ‘Now and Then’, where they investigated
life in former days. Year 1 focused on the Henty family and the history of
Ruyton, as well as learning about other aspects of ‘the olden days.’