spring 2012
Edendale Farm
Edendale Farm Visit – in the children’s words.
Once upon a time Mummies dropped us off at school.We had our
lunches in paper bags.We had to wear gumboots and coats, skivvies
and jumpers. Then we went on the bus. There were two buses, one was
a big bus and the other one was small. Mrs. Lauchlan went on the big
bus and Miss Doutch, Miss Fulton and Girls’ Pre Prep were on the small
bus. Our bus driver’s name was Peter.We saw grass and houses and
trees out the window of the bus.
Girls’ Pre Prep
We went on a farm tour.We went first to collect eggs from the chickens
nests.We fed the chickens with chicken food. Then we walked to the
sheep, and we passed a peppercorn tree.We fed them some carrots.
They munched and crunched. They liked the carrots. We went to the
goats. There were three goats.We milked the goats by squeezing their
udder. The milk was warm. It felt tickly.We patted a pony and two cows.
We went back to the farm house.
Co-Ed Pre Prep
Then we went to the veggie garden.We saw magic beans that were
purple and Tania said they turned green when you cook them. Then we
saw a sheep and fed her carrots. Then we milked the goats and fed
them leaves.We milked the goat’s udders.We had a pat of a guinea pig.
We washed our hands and had lunch.
Girls’ Pre Prep
We met Rachel and she told us about worms.We learnt about how
worms make soil. They poo soil out by eating scraps of food and pony
poo.We put water on our hands, so we could put a worm on our hand.
It felt tickly.We went to look at the worm farm.We saw a hundred
worms, food scraps and lots of poo. All the dirt was covered with a large
carpet that worked like a blanket.We finished by washing our hands
and having lunch.We looked at worm eggs under a microscope.
We walked back to the bus and had a noisy trip back to Pre Prep.
Co-Ed Pre Prep