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Olympic Gold
Olympic Gold
Throughout July and August the children
in Ruyton’s Early Learning worked on a
collaborative project incorporating
blended learning and peer scaffolding.
This involved the Kindergarten children
working with the Pre Prep children in
teams, with their focus on the Olympics.
They learnt about the Olympics and they
designed their own flags, colours and
clothes. A mini torch ceremony was
held, with each teammaking its own
torch, and these were then paraded
through the School.The Principal,
Ms Douglas, was invited to ‘open’ the
Games by showing all the children the
torch she has as a momento from the
Sydney 2000 Olympics when she was
part of the torch ceremony. She then ‘lit’
each child’s torch and they commenced
their torch procession around the
Ruyton grounds. Ms Douglas was
honoured to be asked to be a part
of this ceremony. And then to the
Games themselves! A mini-Olympics
was held on the oval, with exciting
events such as potato sack races,
mini-hurdles, the egg and spoon race
and running races.The roar of the
crowd was enormous as each child
received their own gold medal.
Everyone was a winner!
Wednesday Workshops
During Terms 1 and 2 this year Ruyton Early Learning staff met every
other Wednesday evening to take part in collaborative workshops. At
the beginning of 2012 the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) was
introduced to ELCs state wide.With it came many changes to policies,
procedures and the documentation of children’s learning and these
workshops gave staff the opportunity to discuss the implications for
our current policy and procedures at Ruyton Early Learning.
We discussed what changes were necessary to our philosophy and to
our values, and, at the same time, incorporated important parental
feedback from a survey conducted in Term 2.We focused on what
parents particularly valued about an Early Learning philosophy.
According to the survey, the top four elements which parents
appreciated for their children were a sense of belonging, an
opportunity to discover, the right to be cared for and opportunities
for play. We also asked parents what it was that made Ruyton Early
Learning so special for their children. Here they were unanimous
about the wonderful atmosphere and environment where their
children were nurtured, and where their children grew organically. It
was a place which was warm and caring and where children
developed at their own pace.
As a result, the philosophy of Ruyton’s Early Learning has been
amended, where necessary, in accordance with the requirements of
the EYLF, and in discussions with Principal, Ms Douglas. Our aim is to
provide a safe but stimulating learning environment in which to
nurture your child.