the ruyton reporter
In July the School community enjoyed the
outstanding dramatic and musical talents of our
Senior Students with the Ruyton/Trinity production
Once again our students, parent volunteers
and staff produced a high quality event that left
every member of the audience wishing the show
would not end. Due to the popularity of the event
an extra show was staged this year and staff from
both schools attended the final dress rehearsal to
maximise availability of tickets across the two
school communities.
At the same time our athletes wrote Ruyton into
the history books as one of the premier sporting
schools in Victoria, with their continued cross
country success.With what can only be described
as an absolute team effort, Ruyton claimed its
tenth successive overall State Cross Country
Championships victory. I was immensely proud
of our girls on the day, as they pushed themselves
to complete the challenging course, totally aware
that the effort of every person in the team would
contribute to the overall result. This golden era of
Ruyton athletics commenced with a small group
of girls in the Junior School, including Kim Crow
Sports Captain, Dux 2003) who represented
Australia in rowing for the second time at
the London Olympic Games. Kim has been
an inspiration for all our girls through her humble
yet focused approach to her academic work, her
sport and to life in general. We congratulate Kim on
her outstanding achievements at the 2012 Olympics.
The Year 12 Leavers 2011 had their first reunion with
parents and staff in Royce Theatre. On behalf of the
year level Tatiana Kotsimbos (Co-Captain 2011)
presented the School with the 2011 Leavers’ gift of
six teak benches for the girls to use in the gardens
of the School. Already these benches have become
a favourite place for girls to gather on the lawns
near the Moreton Bay Fig, along with new seating
provided by the Parents of Ruyton. Our thanks to
the 2011 Leavers and the POR for these wonderful
additions to our gardens.
In addition to their outstanding VCE results in 2011,
five Ruyton students were honoured for their
exemplary performances in VCE as recipients of
the Premier’s VCE Awards and the Australian
Student Prize. Karen Tan received the top accolade
of Top All-Round VCE High Achiever Premier’s Award,
recognising achievement of study scores of 46 or
higher in at least five VCE studies in the current
year and the year immediately prior. In 2011 only
students received this award. Kirsty Ha (English),
Natasha Kotsimbos (French) and Tenille Rollnick
Further Mathematics) all received Premier’s Study
Awards. Georgina Baker (Co-Captain 2011) was a
recipient of the prestigious Australian Student Prize.
This prize is an Australian Government initiative
designed to give national recognition to academic
excellence and achievement in secondary education,
particularly in senior secondary years, with only
prizes given each year across the nation.
Digital Learning
Over the past semester Ms Sylvia Guidara has led the
Information Communication Technology committee
through an intensive process to determine the digital
learning vision and the supporting implementation
plan. The work of the ICT committee has been a
direct result of Board planning, staff and parent
feedback from the strategic planning process last
year. This feedback has strongly reinforced our belief
in the need to develop a digital learning vision and
strategy. This vision and strategy must be the
catalyst for innovation and change in approaches
to learning and teaching in classrooms and
staffrooms. If we are to succeed we cannot simply
use technology to sustain existing practices and
pedagogies.We must look at how digital learning
will fundamentally change our practices, increasingly
enabling us to match individuals with learning
solutions aligned to their interests and abilities.
Staff will need to become active digital learners
to gain a first-hand experience of the benefits
of customised learning.
In reviewing relevant literature, the committee used
the Horizon Report
which predicts digital learning from current trends
and research, as well as the International Society for
Technology in Education (ITSE) National Educational
Technology Standards (NETS) for Learning, Leading
and Teaching in the Digital Age
During the planning process four main pillars clearly
emerged as the fundamentals for the Ruyton plan:
student learning, professional learning, community,
and management/ infrastructure. From this work
we defined the vision as:
Digital learning will engage, inspire and transform
learning and teaching at Ruyton.
The Plan has now gone to the Board for ratification
and we look forward to sharing it with the Ruyton
community. Meanwhile the staff have embarked on
the first innovation project with the implementation
of the
iCollaborate iPad Project
this semester.
Collaborative groups of staff across Early Learning,
Junior School and Senior School have commenced
projects to investigate the use of iPads to enhance
learning and teaching.
Master Plan
The Board has now completed the Master Plan
for campus development over the next ten years.
The final documentation has been submitted to
Boroondara Council. Once approved, it will be shared
with the Ruyton community. The plan consists of
three main projects: the upgrade of the Margaret
McRae Centre, including Science facilities and a Year
and 8 learning precinct, an upgrade of the old
Junior School facility and the development of a
Performing Arts facility to replace Royce Theatre.
While we are waiting for approval from Boroondara
Council the Board is working through the process
of determining the first project to be completed.
Ms Linda Douglas,
From the Study
On our cover:
Cross Country girls in training.
From top:
Ms Linda Douglas,Principal,with our high achievers 2011.
Cross Country girls.
Senior School girls.
In the last six months we
have celebrated many
triumphs and successes.