spring 2012
The Old Ruytonians’ Association
is thrilled to announce the release
of the very first edition of
This publication
intends to keep allOld Ruytonians
up to date with the latest news from
the School, plans for reunions and
news of ‘old girls’.
Ms Emily McClean
is the editor and would love
to hear from you if you have
any interesting stories to tell!
Please contact her on
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Mrs Marilyn Rouhard, Ruyton’s
Co-ordinator of Community,
on 03 9290 9335
ORA Committee Members
Caroline Jarrett (’05) President, Natalie Pullan (’05) Secretary, Andrea Fyfe (’89) Treasurer,
Emily McClean (’04) ORAdvisor Editor, Sarah Blyth (’07), Jess Bourke (’07),
Fleur Coldwell (’90), Fiona Horman (’77), Freya Marsden (’89), Stephanie Pratt (’05),
Madeleine Reilly (’11), Caitlin Uren (’07)
Susan Thomas (’67),
Jessica Close ’09,
Sarah Tulloch (’06)
Dear Ruyton Community,
The Old Ruytonians’Association is closer to unveiling its
major building project,The Old Ruytonians’Heritage Trail.
This is a walking trail which encapsulates the history
of Ruyton and will be unveiled at a function on Sunday
November 2012. Old Ruytonians, Parents and Students
of Ruyton will be invited to the event, so please look out
for the invitation in your mailbox and via email.
On the event front, the ORA and Ruyton organised a cocktail
party for the Year 12 2011 leavers.The function was attended
by both the 2011 Year 12 students and their parents.The 2011
leavers were presented with a gift from the ORA and, if they
had opted to become members of the ORA, were inducted
into the Association.
We also conducted a reunion in Canberra that was a lovely
opportunity for a catch-up by a number of ladies who were
unable to attend their reunion in Melbourne.The Canberra
reunion was the first of the interstate reunions, followed by
one in Sydney at the beginning of September.We plan to
hold two interstate reunions each year and in the future,
we hope to organise a London reunion for our many Old
Ruytonians who reside there.
In August the ORA hosted their 2012 networking breakfast
function.This year we welcomed Mr Mike Hawkins, CIO at
Evans and Partners, to discuss the current economic and
political situation facing Europe, China and the United
States, and how it will affect the Australian economy.
Thank you to those who attended.We hope to hold these
functions bi-annually.
The ORA proposes to host a Presidents’Lunch, which we
hope will be attended by all Presidents over the lifetime
of the Old Ruytonians’Association.We are also keen to
promote an annualWomen of Ruyton event, where Old
Ruytonians have the opportunity to talk about their
profession and achievements in order to inspire others.
In October there is the annual 1930s, 40s and 50s leavers’
lunch at Ruyton.
The first issue of the ORAdvisor was published in Term 1.
The second edition is due out later in the year. If you have
any interesting items that you would like to be included
please email them to
On the sporting front, the ORA would like to congratulate
Old Ruytonian Kim Crow for her achievement of Silver and
Bronze Medals at the London Olympics in rowing. Following
on from her participation in the Beijing Olympics this is a
remarkable feat and we are very proud of her! From Kim’s
sporting history at Ruyton, it is no surprise that she was
included in the Australian Olympic Team.
Financially, the ORA are saving to accumulate sufficient
funds to provide a bursary for a Senior School student,
purely from the interest earned.We would like to emphasise
the importance of member joining fees and donations.
The ORA relies solely on these contributions and we thank
all those who have donated previously.
I’d also like to thank the Committee, Mrs Marilyn Rouhard,
Development Co-ordinator, Community and Ms Linda
Douglas, the Principal, for their support of the Association.
Their contribution is valued greatly. If there are any Old
Ruytonians who wish to join the committee, please
contact us on
I wish everyone an excellent remainder of the year and
hope to see you all at the unveiling of the Heritage Trail
in November.
Kind regards,
Ms Caroline Jarrett,
ORA President
Old Ruytonians’ Association
ORA Breakfast
Ms Caroline Jarrett with guest speaker Mr Mike Hawkins