the ruyton reporter
POR and Community News
The Ruyton Readers’ Forum is a new initiative launched this year and
is for the entire School community. Staff and Senior School students,
along with parents, School alumni and friends, are welcome to attend
one of our Readers’ Forums. The talks are free of charge and it’s a
great way to listen to a topic of interest while connecting with the
School community. Some of the books featured so far are
Tales of a Collingwood Tragic
by Mr James Gilchrist;
About Bioethics:
Philosophical and Theological Approaches
by Professor Nicholas
Tooth and Nail: the story of the rabbit in Australia
Mr Brian Coman; and
Educating your child: it’s not rocket science
Mr Kevin Donnelly.
Forthcoming Ruyton Readers’ Forums are scheduled for Tuesday 16
October and Tuesday 13 November. The books are
Great Crises of
by Mr Peter Jonson and
Right Social Justice: better ways to
help the poor
by Gary Johns. Please email
edu.au for further information.
Ruyton Aquatic Centre
Then and Now
We wish to acknowledge the generosity of all our
donors to the Ruyton Aquatic Centre.When this
project began, the sums of money to be raised
seemed prohibitive but in 2008 the Ruyton Aquatic
Centre was opened to much acclaim. As Mr Brad
Nelsen, Assistant Principal, Head of the Junior School
Since the advent of the swimming pool and the
lessons it provides for our girls we have seen a real
change in the girls’ abilities at the Junior Swimming
Sports.We no longer need to provide support lanes to
help our girls as their skills and strengths have
improved so much.’
A very big thank you to all our wonderful supporters,
both past and present families, and students, though
whose generosity this opportunity has been realised.
It is wonderful to see the Aquatic Centre used
throughout the School Curriculum, as well as for
training for GSV competitions. It is now also home to
the Ruyton Aquatic Club.
Ms Tonya Peters,
Director of Development