spring 2011
Junior School Asia Day
In Term 3 the Junior School followed up
the highly successful Asia day project from
2010 –
The Red Lantern Day – which focused
on China.The focus this year was
on India.The day was very much part of the
Australian curriculum, where children are
encouraged to become more Asia literate.
Countries such as China and India are
dominant in the economic market.They
play an important role geographically and
economically for Australia, and it is
important our girls become culturally
aware of our neighbours.
Leading 21st Century Schools Victoria (L21CSV) started the project two years ago and
Mr Brad Nelsen, Assistant Principal and Head of Junior School, has incorporated it into
the Humanities curriculum where possible. For instance, when the girls in Year 2 study
a unit on transport, they focus not only on greener methods of transport, but also
touch on tuktuks and rickshaws. In Year 3 the girls investigate the composition of
fabrics such as nylon and cotton, and also silk from China and Japan.
For 2011 the KITA Performing Arts group put on an outstanding performance,
introducing the girls to Bollywood dancing.The teachers devised science, literature,
and Rangoli maths activities around India and its culture.There were wonderful
smells of Indian curries wafting through the Junior School; the girls thrilled at the
intricacies of henna patterns and they enjoyed calm and flexibility by practising yoga.
The girls were split into multi-age groups, with highly-imaginative names, such as
Derha Dun Tea Leaves, Lucknow Elephants, Kochi Curries, and Kothapur Saris. Everyone
dressed up in the spirit of the day – and Mrs Helen Tait was an especially spectacular
Bengal tiger!
It is an immensely rewarding experience for the girls provided by the staff. Everyone
involved is to be congratulated on making this a wonderful day.
Learning for Life
A little bit of ‘care bears’ great fruit
to the Kerang Community
Mr Brad Nelsen, Assistant Principal and Head
of Junior School, was very proud to deliver boxes
of books to Kerang Primary School earlier this year.
The students, and indeed the whole community,
had suffered from the inundation of floods.
Girls in Ruyton’s Junior School managed to raise
over $3000 by doing ‘care bear jobs’ in the holidays.
These jobs ranged from helping a next door
neighbour, assisting a grandparent with extra
chores and keeping a baby sister or brother
entertained and happy on a car journey.The girls
were paid 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents for
their jobs.
The Junior School focuses on the development
of ten values through the Values Programme;
Care, Differences, Honesty, Humility, Inclusion,
Perseverance, Resilience (which includes Bouncing
Back), Respect, Responsibility and Accomplishment.
This activity emphasised the value of Care by
illustrating what it meant to ‘help a mate’.
Our girls were excited to see how they had been
able to make a difference to the boys and girls at
Kerang, simply by caring.
Catherine Sim
Junior School Value and Leadership