spring 2011
Learning to Care
Chirping Chicks
One of the highlights of the
Pre Prep programme is hatching
chicks. An incubator is delivered
to the ELC with twelve eggs,
and the children engage in the
journey of watching the eggs
hatch, and then feeding and
caring for the chicks. There are
valuable lessons to be learnt
from this process:
Life cycles.
The children learn not only about eggs and chicks,
but also about tadpoles turning into frogs and larvae to butterflies.
By handling the chicks, the children learn how to be
gentle, and to care for vulnerable creatures. This gives them
confidence when interacting with their pets, and even their
baby brothers and sisters!
Chicks need to be fed and watered, all
responsibilities the children can undertake, as well as changing
their bedding. They record their activities in a book on a daily
basis, and draw pictures to show how the chicks develop.
For 2011 the focus of the Early Learning Centre has been on
sustainability, which dovetails well with activities throughout
the Junior and Senior Schools.
The children have been introduced to recycling all their paper.
In addition, we have even made our own paper, by collecting different
types, tearing them into smaller pieces, adding water, and then
drying it into a new kind of paper.
We have created a worm farm, and use all the scraps from our
vegetables and fruit to make ‘worm juice’. This in turn is used
to fertilise the vegetable garden.
Our garden is thriving, under the gentle care of many small
hands. It enables the children to explore the natural environment,
and makes them appreciate healthy food choices. In the vegetable
patch the children are able to use the senses of touch, sight, smell
and taste.
Our four year olds were very excited to participate in Rubbish Free
Lunch Day – thank you to all the families who made such an effort
to send the children without wasteful wrappers on their food.
It is wonderful to be able to engage the children at an early age
about the importance of being sustainable.