the ruyton reporter
Down on the Farm
Brandy the Cow
There was great excitement in the Early Learning Centre late in Term 2. Passers by did
a double take when they saw a cow grazing in the grounds of the ELC! The Kindergarten
boys and girls were exploring the topic “Where does my food come from?”They were all
fascinated to see how they could get milk from Brandy. The children were able to pat her,
and some even tried their hand at milking her. They commented on how the milk felt so
warm on their hands. They also realised how hard it was to produce the milk! The children
were then able to make their own butter and cream. It was a wonderful experience and
so valuable for the children to be ‘hands on’. They also began to understand how animals
live.When we talked about how cows sleep, one of the three year olds asked,“Why does
Brandy get up so early in the morning?” A question I am sure that farmers puzzle over too!