spring 2011
Michele Power,
School Nurse
Michele Power is hanging
up her stethoscope
and retiring, having been
the School Nurse at Ruyton
for the past ten years.
She initially worked on
a job share with Di Douglas,
whommany of you will
remember.Whilst the
consummate professional
in everything she
does, Michele will also
be remembered for her kindness and warmth.
She has a way of caring for the students so that
they immediately begin to feel better, despite their
Matron always exemplified her dedication to
ensuring the health of the students and cared for
girls in their time of need.We sincerely appreciate
her service to Ruyton and will miss her greatly.”
Anna Maddison and Lauren Markopoulos Year 12.
Michele is also regarded as a team player and is
always be there to help out a colleague. She has acted
as a ‘counsellor’ for many members of staff, with her
patience and ability to listen. She has incredible
warmth and a fantastic camaraderie with staff.
Michele has become a valuable part of Ruyton
and we hope that her ties to the School will
remain strong. In her immediate family of three sons,
all ex-Trinity students, one is married to an Old
Ruytonian! We thank Michele for her dedicated
contribution to the Ruyton community and wish her
well as she enjoys more time with her grandchildren.
Mrs Sharon Kernick,
Senior School Office
Some reflections
Michele Power
On my retirement I would like to thank the Ruyton
community for the support shown to me during my
ten years as School Nurse at this fantastic school.
How lucky have I been to be able to care for the well
being of each individual student and the community
as a whole!
School Nursing has become a specialist branch of the
nursing profession, embracing not only the physical
but also the psychological aspects of childhood and
adolescent health.
I have been particularly interested in health
promotion and education. It has been my pleasure to
care for students when they are injured or feeling
I will miss observing the girls growing and maturing.
In particular, I shall miss the little ones, tricking their
teachers just to spend time in their favourite place,
the Health Centre; jumping on the beds and giggling
as soon my back was turned.
I value the friendships I have made and would like to
thank, in particular, my job share partners over the
years - Dianne Douglas, Joh Fordham and Anita
Pearson. Also, heartfelt thanks to the Senior School
office crew and the Counsellors.
Mrs Michele Power,
School Nurse
Generosity of Spirit
Some reflections
Jenne King, Dean of Humanities
Jenne King has been a valued Ruyton colleague of mine for 12 years, and I have
come to know her as a skilled teacher, a proficient administrator, a warm and
generous friend, and a loving mother and grandmother.Within this time she has
unfailingly displayed resilience, independence, resourcefulness, and earned my
admiration and respect.
As a teacher, and over her 15 years at Ruyton, Jenne has developed and overseen
an innovative Humanities programme. She has administered the integration
of Geography and History in Year 7 and 8; she has introduced and developed many
new and interesting electives for Year 9 and 10, for instance Economics and the
Environment, Asian Studies, Natural Diasasters, Living in Cities and the Civics
Programme. She has taught at VCE level as a Geography teacher for many years
and is a highly respected presenter at Australian Geography Teachers’ Association
Jenne pays particular attention to the academic quality of the curriculum, but also
considers its impact on the staff who deliver it and the students who receive it.
Her professional work is well-rounded and she makes decisions which are fair
for everyone involved. In my experience it is impossible to argue with her – she
is a fine manager of people and has a graceful way of negotiating!
Jenne’s qualities? She is always calm, considerate, consistent, caring, and is a
consensus manager, inclusive but also able to make that final decision and carry
her people with her. From a personal perspective it is her infectious laugh and
sense of humour, her wisdom and keen sense of justice which have supported
me on my journey at Ruyton.
Our geography enthusiast is retiring. She is someone who inspires by her own
example, a fine teacher committed to educating students, not just teaching them.
I wish her every joy in retirement.
Mr Andrew Barnett,
Humanities Teacher
Jenne King has been a truly
amazing Head of Department. Her
professionalism and respect for her
staff has ensured stability within the
Department. Her integrity, hard work
and sound attitude are accompanied
by a terrific sense of humour –
a unique combination. Even after over
years in the profession Jenne is
passionate about teaching and still
comes up with fresh ideas in the
classroom. I wish her well – she will
be missed sorely.
Ms Timmee Grinham,
Teacher, Co-ordinator of Sustainability
Some reflections
Jenne King
As my time at Ruyton draws to a close, I realise more and more how much I love
this School, the students, the physical setting, the dedication of the staff, the
talents of the students and the sense of belonging that makes this School special
to everyone in the Ruyton community.
I started in January 1997, thinking that I would spend the last 10 years of my career
at Ruyton, but I am still here after 15 years! I came from the Government sector
and found that the culture of an independent school was different on many levels.
This is a teacher’s paradise.The students have such a positive attitude to learning
and high expectations of their own achievements, and are usually focussed on
being the best that they can be.This is a significant highlight for me, as responsive
students in the classroommake for a very satisfying career as a teacher.
I love engaging with the students outside the classroom: on camp (particularly
the Year 10 camp to Central Australia), on excursions (my Mornington
Peninsula excursion for the Beaches and Coasts class is a particular favourite),
in JusticeCountry (Year 11 social justice simulation), on overseas tours (I have
been lucky enough to participate in four during my time here), at Athletics and
Swimming Sports, at concerts and Drama performances and productions.
It has been a privilege to be a part of teenagers’ lives and perhaps to have some
influence on their development. A particular highlight for me was receiving a gift
of a book from one of my Year 12 Geography students. It was inscribed with a
message which showed that her choices for her future studies were based on her
love of Geography begun in my classes. It doesn’t get better than that!
The opportunities to learn and grow as a teacher have provided special memories
for me. I am grateful for being able to attend Personal Learning days in my
subject area, travel to Vietnam with the Asia Education Foundation and attend
the Australian Geography Teachers Association Conference in January 2011.
I will miss Ruyton, but I want to move on
while I still have the energy to spend
some time doing other things. Full time
teaching is all-consuming and I need
to step off the merry-go-round. I might
spend my time doing voluntary work
there’s plenty out there but I haven’t yet
decided what it will be), perhaps using
my experience to do some consulting
work, tutoring or writing, and spending
time with my grandchildren.
No special plans at this stage but I feel
like another world awaits.
Ms Jenne King,
Dean of Humanities
Jenne King
Michele Power
Jenne working with our girls.