the ruyton reporter
Many of the faces have changed but the essential
essence of Ruyton, that feeling of belonging
and ‘connectedness’, has only grown stronger. At the
same time it has been wonderful to reconnect with
staff and families who I knew frommy previous time
at Ruyton and to catch up with young ORA members.
Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to catch up
with some of the girls I taught in Year 6 from 1995
to 1998.While they are mature and successful young
women, there was still the glint of their Year 6 selves
and we shared some stories that will never make
the pages of the Reporter!
has seen Ruyton girls continue the tradition
of excellence. In the classroom, on the stage, and
on the sporting field we have seen our girls achieve,
lead and inspire. Senior and Junior School students
have gained outstanding results in national
curriculum competitions, eisteddfods and sporting
events. Most importantly, they have supported each
other and shared these times of individual and
group achievement.This was particularly evident
at the recent GSV Div 1 Track and Field Finals
where Ruyton claimed victory. Ruyton is a small
school in comparison to some of the schools we
were competing against on that particular evening.
As the programme progressed to the relays other
spectators could have been mistaken in assuming
we were one of the biggest schools.The Ruyton spirit
and support was evident with passionate cheering.
Every Ruyton girl was in the grandstand jumping up
and down and encouraging the individual girl
running at the time. It was an amazing feeling to be
part of this.
is the beginning of a new era in the history of
Ruyton, with the development of the new strategic
plan and the master plan. It comes at a time of
change in the educational landscape of Australia.
There are many factors to take into consideration
Who we are as a community, our strengths and
areas in which we can improve
Implementation of the Australian Curriculum,
National Funding review and accountability
Development of international mindedness,
transforming educational models and international
curriculum frameworks
Our students
Millennium learners and their needs in a changing
society where digital technologies are changing the
way we learn and communicate.
A reputation such as Ruyton’s is not achieved by
only celebrating past successes and resting on one’s
laurels.We are not a school that needs to reinvent
ourselves. Our reputation for academic excellence
and the strength of the co-curricular programme,
along with a strong sense of student participation,
are essential components of the culture of Ruyton.
Ruyton has always had a strong sense of community.
We are a school where staff know their students
and work hard to cater specifically to their needs.
We pride ourself on fostering a true love of learning
for students through engaging learning experiences
and best practice.
The development of the new strategic plan will
continue to build on the strengths of Ruyton as
we move forward into a new era in education.
As a high achieving School the challenge is not
simple.The challenge is to look critically, to look
outwards at what is happening in education,
in technology, in the community, as well as looking
inwardly, to ensure we are providing our girls with
the best well-rounded education that will support
them to develop as global citizens.We also need
to look critically at the students we provide for,
how they are changing, how they are learning and
what their needs are.The millennium learners or
digital natives they may be called.The fact is, their
needs are the ones we must meet, in order to best
prepare them for the future.We need to ensure we
provide them with learning, life and leadership skills,
a wide range of learning experiences, challenges,
opportunities to take risks in a safe environment and
encourage the development of strong values and
morals. Emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences,
leadership experiences, critical life skills and personal
responsibility cannot be undervalued in their world.
Over the course of this year we have been working
with staff, students and parents in forums focussed
on defining what aspects of the School are most
valued and where are the areas we seek to
strengthen.This feedback has been collated with the
review of progress against the current strategic plan
and the feedback from the 2010 LEAD surveys by the
Board and Executive. Over the next few months the
Strategic Planning Committee of the Board will work
with this feedback to refine it and shape it into the
document that will outline our strategic intention
for the next five years.This document will be shared
with the Ruyton community at the start of the 2012
academic year.
As we look towards the future directions for Ruyton,
we are also engaging in new communication modes
across our community. Social media is now enabling
us to publish, communicate and access information
with immediacy.The expanding use of digital
technologies will form part of our strategic directions
as a learning community. An important component
of this will be a social media strategy to enhance
communication across the Ruyton community,
for students, parents, staff, ORA members and past
families. Currently Junior School parents are able to
follow Mr Brad Nelson on Twitter and receive timely
updates on events such as student involvement in
eisteddfods, sporting competitions, and camps.We
are also now on Facebook and welcome members of
the Ruyton community to type ‘Ruyton Girls’ School–
Kew’ into the ‘search’ facility for pages on Facebook.
If you want to be updated on events please be sure
to ‘Like’ this page. Check it out for updates of what is
happening in the Ruyton community.
As we move into Term 4 our Year 12 students are
rapidly coming to the end of their school days.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank them
for their strong leadership of the School in 2011, a year
where they have led with
energy and tenacity.
wish them every success for their final exams and
look forward to following their progress as they each
determine their individual journey and continue as
women of Ruyton to strive to be their best.To achieve,
lead and inspire.
Ms Linda Douglas,
From the Study
On our cover:
Mr Brad Nelsen,
Assistant Principal,Head of Junior School with students entering the new School gates onWellington Street.
From top:
Ms Douglas
at the opening of the Carolyn Anderson
Building in May.
Pictured with Ms Douglas are the girls in 4 x 400m team who
won the Gold medal and also broke the record (L to R –
Rule,Courtney Powell, Jessica Mourney
Sophie Perry
Ms Douglas
at the Ruyton Ball
It is hard to believe that only
eight months have passed
since I returned to Ruyton.
There are many times when
I sit in Royce or Hiscock Court
and wonder if I ever left.