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Dear Ruyton Community,
Since the last Ruyton Reporter, the Old Ruytonians’
Association has been busy organising a number of events
to connect Old Ruytonians and promote the organisation.
Following on from our successful breakfast meeting with
Bernard Salt, we organised a similar function in the new
Carolyn Anderson Building, with Robyn Treyvaud, a world
renowned cyber-space speaker. Robyn provided insightful
knowledge to parents and ORA members about cyber-safety
and how it can affect students.The breakfast was well
attended, and we hope to organise another function with
Robyn in the near future.
In July, we held the annual Year 12 Leavers’ Cocktail Party,
which was attended by the 2010 Alumni Students and was
a joyous occasion.The Careers’ evening, organised by Kathy
Galt, was a chance for Old Ruytonians to speak about their
careers to Year 10, 11 and 12 students and parents.This is a
fantastic opportunity for Old Girls to catch up and also to
provide ideas to students about what to study when they
leave school.
The Junior School also unveiled the mural of tiles in the
Carolyn Anderson Building, designed by members of the
Ruyton community, which was supported by the ORA.
To finish a successful 2011, the ORA have organised a Year
Level Representative Function at Studley Park Boathouse
in October, to further strengthen the membership base.
We would like to have two Year Level Representatives per year,
who can work to promote the ORA and its functions to other
ORA members within the same year level. If you are
interested in becoming a Year Level Representative, please
contact Marilyn Rouhard at Ruyton – 9819 2422 or email
Last but not least, the Old Ruytonians’ Golf Day at Kew Golf
Club, organised by Susan Thomas, took place in early October.
It is always a very enjoyable day and Old Ruytonians with
a handicap should ‘save the day’ in their diaries for next year!
In 2012 we are keen to unveil Ruyton’s Heritage Trail which
has been our main building project throughout 2011.This
is a walking trail that encapsulates the history of Ruyton.
There will be a celebratory function to mark its launch.The
ORA are also planning to have more networking breakfasts,
and luncheons bi-annually. Further information will be
posted or emailed out to members closer to the dates.
We would like to thank all members, school representatives
and the committee who have been involved in recent
functions. A big thank you to Mrs Marilyn Rouhard, who
became the new Development Co-ordinator, Community for
Ruyton last year. Marilyn is our main connection with the
School, and has been working tirelessly to promote the ORA.
We look forward to her ongoing involvement with and
support of the Old Ruytonians’ Association.
On a financial note, we would like to emphasise the need
for donations and membership joining fees.The ORA relies
solely on these contributions, and we thank all those
who have donated in the past.The ORA is working towards
providing further bursaries to Senior School students,
solely from the interest earned on our bank account, and is
also hoping to provide scholarships for travel or community
work overseas.
I wish all a happy and safe end to 2011.
Kind Regards,
Ms Caroline Jarrett,
ORA President
The first non-family
member to enrol in
Mrs Anderson’s
school in 1878 was
Harriet Maud Gidley
King, known familiarly
as Maud. She was
the sixth child in a
family of eleven and
daughter of Arthur
Septimus King and
Elizabeth Margaret Lethbridge. She was born
in Hawthorn in 1866 and was a great-grand-
daughter of NSW Governor Philip Gidley King.
Maud married Dr William Butler Walsh in 1886
and they had six girls, one of whom died in
infancy.The five others came to Ruyton.They
were Kathleen, Phyllis and Nancy in 1900 and
Mary (Mollie) and Dorothy in 1904.The family
lived at ‘Madford’ in Studley Park.
Kathleen nursed wounded soldiers in London
duringWWI. Nancy served as Treasurer of the
ORA from 1918 to 1935. Dorothy became known
as a benefactor to the School.
Maud, known as Mrs Butler Walsh, was the
inspiration behind the establishment of the
Old Ruytonians Association and became its first
Secretary when it was formed in 1908.
That Maud had a well developed social life is
evidenced by the dozens of references to her
in the Melbourne Argus. She appeared regularly
as a guest at weddings and other social functions
as well as at formal meetings. She was a life
governor and a committee member of the
Children’s Hospital; President of the St John’s
Red Cross and Comforts Fund Branch;
representative of the Alfred Hospital Toorak
Auxiliary, an organiser of the Children’s Hospital
appeal at South Yarra Skating Club, and a joint
organiser of the opportunity shop at Eastern Hill.
She outlived her husband by 47 years. Following
her death in 1950,The Ruytonian in its obituary
described her as very greatly loved by everyone,
not only for her humorous and amusing talk, but
for her great natural kindness.
Mr Trevor Hart,
School Archivist
Old Ruytonians’ Association
Ms Linda Douglas with Ms Robyn Treyvaud at the
breakfast meeting
ORA careers night speakers 2011
ORA careers night speakers 2011
ORA careers night speakers 2011
The breakfast meeting in the new Carolyn Anderson Building
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