spring 2011
The Ruyton Foundation
Ruyton Community
Mural unveiled
The warm glow of anticipation on the faces of the girls belied the cold and windy
conditions onWednesday 20 July when the fabulous Ruyton Community Mural
was unveiled by Mr Peter Kanat, President of the Ruyton Foundation.The mural
is a stunning addition to the undercroft area of the new Carolyn Anderson Building
in the Junior School. Many members of the Ruyton Community came together
to celebrate the generosity and also the creativity of those who participated in this
project.The mural consists of 140 tiles, in a vast array of colours and designs. In
total there were 106 donors involved, including five contributions to the outdoor
furniture. A total of $35,430 was raised towards the Centre of Creativity.We are
grateful to all families involved in this initiative.The mural is a very special part of
the new Junior School landscape to be enjoyed now and into the future.
Lucy Kelly
Year 7RA
When asked why she included these
pictures on her tile Lucy Kelly of Year
RA replied,“because these are a few
of my favourite things!”
Emilia Luxton
is in the Girls’ Pre Prep
in the Early Learning Centre and drew
this beautiful tile. Her sister, Lotte, will
start three year old Kindergarten next
year, to be followed by their brand
new baby sister Georgia, who was
born on September 12.
Emilia drew this picture because
rainbow is my favourite colour.”
I drew the picture for my tile
because it is an aboriginal picture.
I thought that it could represent our
country.There’s the land, the sea, the
sun, the sky and the people. One of
them is me.”
Taylah Ruiz-Pedley,
A big thank you to the following donors for their generous
contributions to the Centre of Creativity:
The Alexdrakis Family
The Alexis Family
The Anagnostopoulos
Anonymous x 22
The Anquetil Family
The Auld Family
The Ball Family
Mr & Mrs J Bate OAM
Miss A Baylow
Miss C Baylow
The Berti Family
The Bland Family
Mr & Mrs Bonin
The Boussioutas Family
The Car Family
Mr J & Mrs F Carbone
The Clarke Family
The Cleeve Family
The Courtney Family
Mrs. F Crosby
The Daher Family
The Damanakis Family
The DeBortoli Family
Miss C Donoghue
Ms L Douglas
The Fares Family
Mr & Mrs P J Farrell
The Farrell Family
Dr T Flower &
Mr D Masters
Mr C & Mrs S Fraser
Mr M Gaffney &
Ms P Crocker
The Gatt Family
Mr & Mrs Goonesekera
The Gray Family
The Gray Family
Mr D Hall & Ms S Sloan
Mr & Mrs Hariawan
The Harrison Family
Mr B & Mrs G
Mr A & Mrs A Irving
The Issa Family
The Jacobson Family
Miss C Jarrett
Ms Jin
Mr M & Mrs C Johnson
Mr & Mrs P S Kanat
The Karopoulos Family
Miss J Kelly
Mr J & Mrs G Kelly
The Kelly Family
Mr A & Mrs K E Kenyon
The Kenyon Family
Dr R & Mrs J Kleiman
Miss K Lai
The Lamont Family
The Lee Family
The Leggo Family
The Lelliott Family
The Luxton Family
The MacFarlane Family
The Magdich Family
The Maguire Family
The Mala Family
The Marsh Family
The McLeish Family
The Melton Family
Dr M & Mrs C Michail
The Montagu Family
The Morberger Family
The Morris-Johnson
The Moss Family
The Moten Family
The Mugavin Family
Mr R & Mrs a Ng
The Old Ruytonians’
Ms K O’Toole &
Mr P Gordon
Parents of Ruyton
Ms T Peters
The Pham Family
Dr & Mrs F Raymond
The Roberts Family
The Robson Family
Mr D Royce & Ms S Lyall
The Ruiz Family
The Sandler Family
The Schonfeldt Family
Mr & Mrs M L Seton
The Sullivan Family
The Sutherland Family
The Trotta Family
The Tucker Family
Dr G & Mrs D Tymms
Mr D & Mrs S
van Gerrevink
The Venables Family
TheWalmsley Family
Mr J QWang &
Ms C H Sun
Mr H Y HWat &
Ms S L Lim
Miss OWatson
TheWijeyaratne Family
TheWillmott Family
Miss M & Miss HWilson
Mr & Mrs SWirtz
TheWoollard Family
TheWoolrich Family
TheWorley Family
TheWyatt Family
I drew the masks because I really like drama and
it is my favourite thing to do.The bright colours
in the background represent happiness.The
School always talks about peace, harmony and
joy and that’s what we want in the world too.”
The strawberry is lovely on my tile and I draw
them because they are my favourite fruit and
I have them as a snack.The stars are shiny and
look pretty with the strawberries.”
These are some of the special symbols
of Ruyton.There are the new gates
outside the Carolyn Anderson building)
and the tree in the garden (the Moreton
Bay Fig). All the children are playing
happily in the playground.”
Mia Macfarlane