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autumn 2016


It is with great sadness that the Ruyton community notes the passing of the following

Old Ruytonians:

Constance Mary (Peggy)


(’28) passed

away at the age of 105 late

last year. She was a

children’s nurse and a

believer in anthroposophy,

a spiritual philosophy,

which she pioneered in

Australia. After her formal

education at Ruyton she

trained as a nurse at the

Old Melbourne Hospital

and nursed for the rest of her working life, specialising in nursing children. Peggy’s

interest in anthroposophy confirmed what she intuitively sensed in caring for children

– that they needed to be nursed for their immediate physical needs but also in a way

that recognised their spiritual reality. Combining her interest in health and nursing

with her commitment to anthroposophy, she was instrumental in bringing the

anthroposophical Weleda medical treatments to Australia. Peggy was also strongly

influenced by her love of the natural world and native animals, possibly founded on

her experiences growing up on the family farm in New South Wales.

Sonia McDermott

(Woinarski ’56) passed away

in July 2015. She enjoyed her schooling at Ruyton

and became involved in the Old Ruytonians’

Association, becoming President in 1978. She was

a keen sportswoman and very much a people’s

person. She displayed immense generosity,

cared deeply for others and always had an

inspirationally positive attitude to life.

Sally (Sara Anne) Rowe

(Snowball ’56) was born in 1938 and was a boarder at Ruyton,

as were her two brothers at Trinity. Later she was a weekly boarder and then became

a day girl. Sally was the niece of Kitty Snowball who was a member of staff at Ruyton

and a friend of Miss Daniell. Sally had a mischievous streak and got into trouble with

the teachers over the years, but she was popular, and had a wide circle of friends.

These friends, some who had known her since kindergarten, remember her sense of

adventure and fun. She went on to the Melbourne School of Nursing and maintained

a great interest in history. After a long battle with cancer Sally died in October 2015.

She leaves her husband, Tony and daughters Lucy and Emily.

Eva Fogel

(Marlo-Monten ‘56) and

Janet Walker

(Brock ‘56)

Judith Walcott

(Tracy’54) passed away on 11 June 2015.


Congratulations to

Phoebe Grimwade


on her marriage to

Lachlan Eric Cohen at

Littlejohn Chapel, Scotch

College in November,

2015. The wedding party

included Emily Carroll,

also Ruyton 2009.


In May 2015

Nicky de


(’92) gave birth

to Miles de Kever, a

brother to Finlay, aged

two. Nicky has lived in

Perth for the past 10

years, where she has

been involved in

environmental geology

with her partner,

Shannon Mackenzie.

Congratulations to

Andrea Fiorenza


and partner Aaron,

who welcomed baby

Archer Jack Smith in

December 2015.

Congratulations to

Phoebe Tallent

(’03) on

her marriage to Nicholas

Demiris in December last

year. In attendance were,

left to right:

Jessica Allen


Amalia Grange


Stephanie Pawsey

(Tallent, ‘00)

Sascha Thiel

(Dickenson ‘98) and

Nigel are thrilled

to announce the arrival

of their third child,

Harrison William, on 12

October 2015. A little

brother for Ella, aged

four years and James,

who is three.

Brianna Hosken Griggs

(‘97) and husband Edward

(Trinity (‘99) are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of

Sylvie, a sister for Harley, four and Isla, two. Brianna is

living in New Zealand where Edward, an architect with

DKO, is working on rebuilding the city centre of

Christchurch after the devastating earthquake.

The Ruyton spirit lives on – passed frommother to daughter

Old Ruytonians whose daughters were

in the class of 2015 are:

Left to right:

Ruth Neilson (’81) and Emma Bannister,

Georgie Evans and Rosie Evans (Johns

’82), Penne Ebbage (Myers ’75) and

Phoebe Ebbage, Tess Macallan and

Sally Macallan (Beach ’79), Penny

Watson (’82) and EmilyWatson, Elena

Ancarola and Julia Goodsall (’84)

Absent: Sharon Hoffman (’86) and

Alex Hoffman-Hayes

Three Generations

of Old Ruytonians

Penne and Phoebe Ebbage

and Penne’s mother, Phoebe’s

grandmother, Margaret Myers

(Campbell ’49)