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autumn 2016

Dear Ruyton Community,

I am delighted to present the President’s Report in this

Autumn Edition of the Ruyton Reporter. The activities

and events organised by the Old Ruytonians’

Association (ORA) mentioned in my report illustrate

the work being undertaken by the ORA to facilitate

the renewal of friendships and build a stronger

network of Old Ruytonians.



In October the ORA welcomed award-winning

journalist and producer of the ABC’s

Australian Story,

Belinda Hawkins (‘76) for the annual Women of

Ruyton speaker event. Belinda recounted a number of

fond memories from her days at Ruyton and provided

the captive audience with an insight into her

venerable career, which has seen Belinda meet and

interview some of Australia’s key personalities. After

reflecting on the challenges she has faced throughout

her career, including being a female in a male-

dominated industry and the arduous task of balancing

a family with a budding career, Belinda advocated that

women should strive for their dreams and that maybe,

just maybe, women really can have it all.


In November the ORA held our inaugural Girls’ Night

Out Fundraiser to support the Cancer Council in their

effort to beat women’s cancers. The event was a

wonderful opportunity for Old Girls and the wider

Ruyton Community to come together for a fun

evening of drinks and banter in support of the Cancer

Council. The event raised over $600 and I would like to

extend thanks to the Beehive Hotel for their generous



In February the ORA launched the ORA Professional

Development Programme, an initiative about which I

am passionate. I believe it is of paramount importance

that women have female role models and mentors or

coaches from whom they can access honest feedback

and support.

The Professional Development Programme provides

members with the opportunity to network among

other Old Ruytonians and aims to support Old Girls in

their personal and professional development.

Facilitated by external consultants Kerryn Velleman

and Jo Scott of Kru Consulting, the launch event

offered guidance and tools to foster peer-to-peer

coaching and the opportunity to establish ‘critical

friend’ coaching or mentoring relationships. By

assisting our members to establish such relationships,

it enables Old Girls to build networks and more

effectively navigate challenges they may face, either

personally or professionally.

The next Professional Development event will again be

facilitated by Kru Consulting and will be held in Term 2.


In February the ORA Running Club recommenced.

Each week, on a Sunday morning, Old Girls meet at

the Tan for a guided one-hour training session.

Whether you’re a keen runner, a beginner or looking to

make a comeback to running, join us on a Sunday

morning for some fitness and fun!


On Friday 22 April the ORA invites members to the

National Gallery of Victoria to tour the major

international exhibition featuring two of the most

significant artists of the twentieth and twenty-first

centuries: Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei. We will be

meeting for a drink beforehand and then touring

the gallery as a group. Book today http://trybooking.



On Sunday 15 May the ORA invites members and their

family and friends to the matinee performance of the

world’s best-loved musical,

The Sound of Music.


performance will be followed by an exclusive ORA only

behind-the-scenes tour and an opportunity to meet

the cast members.

For regular updates about the ORA please follow our

Facebook page oldruytoniansassociation/

If you have any queries relating to the ORA or would

like to register for any of our events please contact

Natasha Anderson at

Ms Sarah Blyth

(’07), President of the Old Ruytonians’


From the ORA President

Old Ruytonians’ Association

Dear ORA Members,

The Old Ruytonians’ Association gives

notice of the 2016 Annual General

Meeting (AGM) for the Old Ruytonians’

Association (ORA). All members are

invited to attend the meeting.

Date: Monday 9 May 2016

Time: 6:00pm

Place: Reception Room

Ruyton Girls’ School

12 Selbourne Road, Kew, Vic 3101


1. President’s Welcome

2. Attendees Present

3. Apologies

4.Minutes of Previous Annual

General Meeting

5. Treasurer’s Report

6.President’s Report

7. Changes to the Constitution

8.Election of Committee

9.General Business



Sarah Blyth (’07)


Andrea Fyfe (’89)


Madeleine Reilly (’10)

Committee Members:

Caroline Jarrett (’05)

Natalie Pullan (’05)

Any further nominations for the

Committee are due by Monday

2 May 2016.

Contact Natasha Anderson on

or on 9290 9345

for a nomination form.

Notice Of AGM


The Boy Who Refused to Die

As we go to print, the ORA has secured

David Vincent to speak at an ORA Meet the

Author Event in July this year. David Nyuol

Vincent is a dual South-Sudanese and

Australian citizen. He is a registered

UNHCR Refugee Advocate and the former

People of Australia Ambassador. David,

an experienced facilitator and trainer

specialising in peace mobilisation and

conflict resolutions across South Sudan

and Australia, has received several awards,

including the Victorian State Government’s

Multicultural Commission for Excellence in

Community Development. He co-founded

and leads a NGO Peace Palette and I Am

a Peace Soldier Campaign. He was selected

as one of the most influential, inspirational,

provocative, and creative people in

Melbourne by the Age Newspaper. David is

author of the book,

The Boy Who Wouldn’t


published in 2012. Contact Natasha

Anderson on

or 9290 9345 for more details.